Vegetable Container Garden Video Journal #4 HD 5/11/2013 Zone 9a Cal

Harvesting Cauliflower – What’s growing in the garden update – Kabocha, Peppers, Tomatoes, Bitter Melon, Cucumbers, Swiss Chard etc… – Wanted to add more…
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  1. Kabayan?

  2. What a lovely family :)

  3. Some of my older videos will probably give you a good idea on timing.

  4. All thumbs up from me..It is all looking terrific..Keep up the good work. Could you tell how long these things take from planing to harvest..

  5. I gave you a thumbs UP! Thanks for sharing your family and garden with us. It looks great. I had some nice cauliflower this year also.

  6. Beautiful garden! I remember that a couple of years ago when I was following you, you had your garden in the dirt. Nice idea to change to containers but what convinced you containers were better? Just wondering.

  7. shadowofjuniperhill . Reply October 27, 2013 at 7:40 am

    The cauliflower was amazing, wow! Your plants look so beautiful and healthy and happy. I don’t do face book but if I did I would follow you for sure :) thumbs down on your videos is ridiculous. I think it is non subscribers that do that for whatever reason. Once I had a thumbs down because the person didn’t like my voice. I had to laugh at that one :)

  8. wow what a great garden. awesome job…thanks

  9. It was well worth the wait Romi. Yes big difference between store bought and home grown. Me and Lea both agree that the cauliflower was nice soft and tender. Store bought Cauliflower is hard like cardboard. I will be growing it again as i was very pleased with our Cauliflower. I agree with you no big deal on the thumbs down. I won’t be making any follow up videos updates for a month or 2 anyways.

  10. Fantastic update sumi! Sorry it took so long for me to watch this! Your cauliflower looks amazing! I love cauliflower… But dang those plants took a long time to produce! Did you taste a difference in them compared to store bought cauli? As for the thumbs down… well they are only jealous people who have nothing better to do. I get a few thumbs down myself and I could care less! :)

  11. @10yearvet I agree. Some people like being rude! Very good video

  12. It’s when we decided we were going to pull it out thinking it wasn’t going to produce. The leaves were curling up like it was a cabbage when we did a closer look we noticed that their was a cauliflower. That’s when we decided to blanch up the leaves. I can give you a date – but I’d have to look at my fb pictures which has a date stamp. One good thing about fb date stamps for gardening notes.

  13. Thanks for watching! 

  14. Ohhh that cauliflower was beautiful! Congratulations!
    When did you blanch up the leaves? I am growing it for the first time. I don’t think I have anything flowering yet, but I don’t know when do to it! lol

  15. I don’t care much for eating cauliflower so I don’t grow it. Good looking sunflowers. They take 90 days to mature.

  16. great update! thanks for sharing

  17. Yes i did Paul. I was using about a pitcher a day of diluted compost tea per plant. It gets really hot over here so had to keep it extra watered.

  18. Nice cauliflower hope mine gets half that size! Did you use lots of compost tea? The onions are big enough to start pulling the soil away to get bigger bulbs. Have a good week Paul

  19. Thank you Taleulah! How have you been!!? did you fix your computer video editing program problem?

  20. I have done that myself. But well worth the wait. More Cauliflower for the fall garden coming soon.

  21. Thanks Bro!

  22. You sure can!

  23. Thanks!

  24. Thank you. Lea made some awesome Cauliflower curry today. We posted a picture on our fb page. It was soooo good! Don’t worry we will grow more next time you come to visit us

  25. Thank you!