Vegetable & Fruit Gardening : How to Grow Okra

Okra is a heat-loving plant that is very tolerant of the cold and best planted after the last danger of frost has passed. Plant okra one seed at a time, 1 fo…

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  1. I live in Colorado Springs and devised a method of having fresh okra in my
    garden. I plant each seed under a coche made from shrink wrap over cheap
    wire baskets. As the days get warmer, be sure to take off the coche during
    the day but replace at night, since you’ll need to keep the soil warm
    during the cool evenings. I’m almost ready to start a new crop! We are in
    planting zone 5b

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  3. Also, what is deal with the title, “How to Grow Okra”. There is no info on
    “growing”. It should be “How to Harvest Okra”. Is the expertvillage really
    an “expert”?

  4. Plant okra about one foot apart. I grow okra every year. And let some okra
    stay on the plant and turn brown. Then you will have all the seeds you will
    ever need for next year. I usually leave about four plants alone for seeds.
    They will wilt and die and produce more seeds than you can use. Good luck

  5. Dude, you’re awesome. Plain and simple. Thanks for the lessons.

  6. Synopses has a typo in it, tolerant, should read; intolerant of cold temps.

  7. if we all[or half of us] planted a single fruit tree and some vegetables we
    would be giving fresh produce away as there would be too much

  8. Let the ones die that are too big on the plant, and then harvest the seeds.

  9. TheWholefoodfarmacy Reply August 10, 2014 at 5:29 am

    Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  10. Love okra, my favorite vegetable. I miss growing it. Stupid apartment living

  11. N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery Reply August 10, 2014 at 6:22 am

    You should have cut off thse big pods because it slows up production.Unless
    your saving them for seed???

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  14. i grabbed some seeds out of an ocra plant in my aunts garden. I saved them
    in a knapkin until i got home. the next day when i took them out they were
    much smaller and kind of shrivled up. Will these still grow???

  15. This is the first expert village video to ever help me. Thank you for your

  16. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  17. okra is good,steam it and just vinegar and little salt its yummy.

  18. This guy has such a calming voice. Seems like a genuinely nice fellow.

  19. you know, the okra looks like a monarch pupa, except longer or vice versa
    the monarch pupa looks like the okra vegetable, except shorter

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  22. I like these gardening videos. I would like to make a suggestion. It is a
    good idea to identify what part of the country you live in and what your
    agricultural zone is.

  23. @SidneyBoud

  24. These okra plants are not ‘tall’ by any stretch of the imagination. When
    growing in fertile soil with adequate warmth and moisture, they will
    commonly reach between 8-12′ at maturity. If you harvest the pods (fruits?)
    at the optimal time, they shouldn’t get woody, which will also stimulate
    the plants to extend their yield. For the average gardener, a few plants
    should be more than sufficient.

  25. thank you I appreciate your input, my son and I are growing okra it seems
    to calm him when hes angry. he works at the sheriffs office so he comes
    home from a stress full day. He is amazed at what he has accomplished each
    day he feels like he has done something and can see the end product. god
    doesnt always let us see the reaping.