Vegetable Garden – Curing Onions

Vegetable Garden — Curing your onions for storage. Visit The Bayou Gardener in South Louisiana at

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  1. Great Video..Going to be trying onions this spring :) Love the Vidalia Chop
    Wizard it’s so easy and fast :) :) 

  2. nice vid and your cajun and im acadian lol 

  3. i’m a novice and trying to plant onions since last year. my onions do not
    grow as big as yours! is it because i plant them to close together? (i
    plant them in square box planters and according to the instructions, so
    pretty close together). this year is better than last year, and i am trying
    to cure them. but mine doesn’t come out of the ground with dry skin like
    yours. do i still wash, cut and then cure, or leave them out for a few days
    until skin is dry, and then wash, cut and cure again? 

  4. Another great video. Ive learned a lot from all your vids…One question.
    I read somewhere that with white onions you can pick the green leaves off
    when they reach a foot, then again at 18 inches and again at 24
    inches…the instuctions said cut them back to 9 inches all 3 times…I did
    a few and used them as chives…your thoughts?

  5. Great video! Thank you webcajun!

  6. Allison Hensleit Reply March 3, 2015 at 1:46 pm


  7. @bill091086 … We could cut down on the grocery bill that’s for

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  9. Okay, good to hear that you’ll keep going. You’re a lot of people’s
    favorite farming/gardening guru.

  10. @hammondjam57 …Doing it right is important……Donald

  11. @momheinan … If you chop em the same day of the harvest, no

  12. @TheMrsVolfie … Homemade stuff is always better……Donald

  13. @woodlandcammo27 … I plant from seed in the fall and allow them to grow
    through the winter. The are transplanted in February and grow through late
    spring. That time of the year we get plenty rain so I probably didn’t water
    very much, if any. Naturally if we get a dry spell then I would water. How
    often depends on the weather…… Donald

  14. @calionstallion …Glad you enjoy, Thanks…..Donald

  15. Nice job! You’d make a great neighbor!

  16. Not a dumb question at all. Onions take about 100 days to mature……..

  17. @MrBassMan56 … I have some pretty good soil and have never done a soil
    test in the garden. My PH must be in range cause things do pretty well. If
    I were ever to move, the first thing I would do is a soil test. Would save
    a lot of time and heartache……Donald

  18. @jsamanthah … thanks and glad they’re helpful…… Donald

  19. @Stormclouds777 …Sure did, check out one of the last vids I

  20. Thank you so much for your videos! They are a great help to me. I started
    to grow onions last year because of your channel. Candy onions, of course!
    … Melinda

  21. Hey Donald, I put out bulb onions, I put out bulb onions but I only planted
    them about an inch. Do I need to pull the soil away from the bulb?

  22. “Now I think most of you have enough sense to put an onion in a sack”. I
    enjoy your videos and your sense of humor.

  23. @OhHowHappyGardener … You’ll find all sorts of uses for that

  24. Thanks, glad you enjoy the videos….Donald

  25. @vikes51349 … it probably does have some affect but the heat at this time
    of the year will cause them to go bad real quick. I would bring them inside
    soon as possible. Consider chopping and freezing some……..Donald