Vegetable Garden — Freezing Bell Peppers

Vegetable Garden — Growing Bell Peppers / vegetables and putting them up in the freezer can really save on the food bill. Peppers had become so expensive we stopped buying them in the store. Visit The Bayou Gardener in South Louisiana at
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  1. We don’t can the bell peppers, only freeze em…..Donald

  2. mrsmagandelatour Reply May 14, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    hay do you can them too if you do tell me please

  3. … Try to keep em off the ground or they will go bad. Some folks use a piece of bamboo to hold em up……Donald

  4. hello i have a questiion when growing the bellpeppers do you put something around the plant to lift it off the ground or do you just let them grow out cause someone told me you shouldnt let the bellpepper touch the ground

  5. … Easy just to reach in the bag and pull out a handful already choped up……Donald

  6. Thanks
    It’s wonderful idea

  7. … That Chop Wizard sure does a good job. We mostly use ours for chopping onions for the freezer but it works really well for all sorts of vegetables. If you don’t try to over load it, it’ll last a long time…..Donald

  8. Hi Donald don’t you just love the Chop Wizard. You would think because it’s plastic that it would not hold up but it does. I love mine and gave 3 away in a contest a while back. Your peppers look awsome….Paula

  9. honest shot in the dark here, but i think it might be blossom end rot, google images of it blossom end rot is caused by a lack of calcium in the soil, i’ve never grown peppers/tomatos or things like that so i dont know to much about this, nor if it’s reversible. good luck i hope you can save your harvest.

  10. … Never had that problem so I really don’t know……Donald

  11. No, they definately have some dead areas on the fruit. Some of the fruits are green and others are turning red when the roting starts.

  12. … Are you sure they are dying or just changing colors. They will go from green to red if left on the plant long enough…..Donald

  13. Hi Donald. Most of my bell peppers are getting large brown, dead spots on them. Any idea what is causing this and how I stop this from happening. Thanks.

  14. … Snap Beasn, probably need to blanch em first then freeze. Cover with water and they’ll hold well in the freezer…….Donald

  15. Donald,really enjoy your videos.I froze okra today after watching how you do it.It will really be good in some vegetable soup and a hunk of cornbread.Keep em coming.How would snap beans be freezing?

  16. … Hey that would work…….Donald

  17. ElizabethAGreene Reply May 15, 2012 at 2:22 am

    You need a spring on that chop wizard so it will pop back open after you push it down.

  18. …mine look nice in the morning when it’s not so hot but by the afternoon they look the same as you describe. I water them several times a week which seems to help…….Donald

  19. i dont know if you know about peppers that much ,well i wanna know why they are all getting soggy and down? they are about 1 month old, and they are like 7 inches what is wrong?

  20. …The green ones will turn but it takes a long time. That’s one reason they cost so much in the stores…….Donald

  21. Donald, if you plant you green bellpeppers in the same row as the red, orange and yellow bell peppers will they all stay green? Mine are all growing really good but they are not turning their color! Advice please!!!! They did the same last year,but in the fall they turned to their intended color.

  22. …No need to thaw. After chopping the peppers or onions, bag em and put them in the freezer. The next day take the bag out and drop it on the counter top a few times like you would an ice bag and each piece separates. When you’re ready to use them for cooking, take the bag out of the freezer, remove the amount you want cause they are already separated and put the bag right back in the freezer. Use as much or little as you need…….Donald

  23. when you take the bag out of the freezer can you take what you want after a little thawing and throw the bag back into the freezer? for peppers as well as onions. thanx in advance donald

  24. …because we want then as close to fresh as possible and only want to use what we need. The experts claim you can store them this way for at least 6 months…..Donald

  25. peacelovehippychick Reply May 15, 2012 at 7:10 am

    why don’t you blanch them like you did the okra? do they get mushy? jus curious.