Vegetable Garden Harvest – God’s Blessings Abound

This is my July 4th harvest. I’m still amazed at how much we’ve produced this year. God has truly blessed me…again and again. The first part is the picking…

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  1. How much dirt do you work?
    …and how big is your greenhouse?
    S Virginia???
    I’m in Kalifornia, very small plot… makes a difference! :-) rc
    Tell more abt garden #1, 2, 3, 4, 5????? pls!

  2. Bless your heart, you are doing a fine job. Cheers 

  3. God blessed you , you are living a life that most of us just dream of , to
    feed ar family and to be able to help others . 

  4. Thank you for sharing. You have inspired me. God Bless =)

  5. if i can’t sell this produce, mined as well start canning all of em &
    re-sale it,. love your video,. i can’t wait to start my vegetable garden,

  6. I love this video.
    It is so inspiring. I am just beginning an urban container garden.

  7. Have you considered using a thick mulch in your garden? If you start with
    cardboard on the bottom, you will attract earth worms who love the hide
    glue that the cardboard is made of. The earth worms will areate your
    soil and help keep it crumbly while the mulch will hold in your moisture
    and keep your weeds to a minimum. I have used all sorts of things as
    mulch over the years, having started my gardening career in the early
    1970′s when the Ruth Stout method of lasagna gardening was being written
    about, and when the square foot gardening method was just beginning!!!! I
    have tried many of the fad methods but always go back to using a mulch
    which also helps build your soil as it breaks down and you will never have
    to plow again where you use that heavy mulch!!!! Also, as I love to fish,
    I only have to go out to the garden and one spade full of dirt will give me
    enough angleworms for hours of fine fishing!!!! Some fried sunfish or
    crappie, with fried potatoes and onions from my garden and baked beans I
    made and canned last year makes a wonderful meal!!!! Uhm Uhm;

  8. I wish I was your neighbor.

  9. I subscribed in the 1st 30 seconds! Self Sufficiency is something everyone
    should be learning!

  10. Lordy Lordy somebody is going to need help canning all those maters coming
    off at the same time. Bless your heart!!

  11. Wow, Bobby. That is beyond impressive. I’ve caught some of your hydro
    vids ’cause that’s what I’m trying to do, but your experience outside of
    hydro is fantastic. I now relate my success as very meager! I’ve never
    seen anyone else in your gardening vids (till lately). You do it all
    yourself? Has your traditional gardening dropped off or changed since
    going hydro? I’ll slowly watch some others as I go along myself. Great

  12. hangerlane hammerites Reply October 21, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    Love the independence statement 08,,- 39,,,secs ,,you’ve got it right man
    and by the sweat of your brow ,it looks like you can also give many others
    bread,,one love bro ,,thanks for sharing you God ness,,

  13. what kind of water pump is that?

  14. Great video and great thing to do for your neighbors. God Bless You

  15. Check out ODFarming
    Garden your video!

  16. that is so awesome!! i would looooove to grow as much as you and be able to
    feed others as well!! keep up the amazing work!!!

  17. Beautiful garden. How many acres is your garden?

  18. I appreciate your libertarian and Christian values. -Eric

  19. I have tried everything I know to grow Tomatoes. Every year I try and seem
    to fail at it. Any pointers?

  20. I imagine the dry heat is a lot more difficult to work with. We have plenty
    of heat, but also lots of humidity to go with it.

  21. Oh yes, another thing, you ought to have the “resident chef” make videos on
    how you use your bounty. This resident chef would love it! In Christ, Susan

  22. 2011 was a pretty good year. :)

  23. Boy Bobby you sure make me hungry for tomatoes..

  24. GOOD JOB !

  25. Yes, 99% of what I grow comes from seeds. Hardly ever do I buy a plant.