Vegetable Garden in Phoenix

This is my first garden. I started the project thinking we’d just have 1 or 2 raised beds but it turned into something much bigger. Everything is done organi…

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  1. impressive! I have raised beds too in Peoria AZ. not lucky with
    cucumbers, zucchini , ok with chards , bok choy, leeks. I don’t have enough
    compost , how do you get your vegetables to make a lot of compost? Cannot
    find organic at home depot .How do you feed your garden ? please share,

  2. Great garden for a hot dry summer. Fantastic work mate.


  3. So amazing!!:)

  4. eighteentimesbetter Reply January 3, 2015 at 12:28 am

    Nice garden!! Did you plant them all from seeds or are some of them from
    actual plants?

  5. @thiscenturyparent Thank you! I don’t use any Miracle Grow…everything is
    done organically. I turn in compost twice a year (spring and fall) and use
    a fertilizer that is primarily made up of alfalfa meal.

  6. What are you using to trelis the tomatoes? I see what looks like a road
    sign post with string/rope but is there more? Nice garden.

  7. @azvalleyman Thank you! We didn’t use any mortar…we just laid the blocks
    on top of each other and filled the holes in with gravel. They’re extremely
    stable. First though, we put down a compact layer of sand/dirt so that the
    ground was level.

  8. Very nice, are there any medicinal plants hidden in there? ;)

  9. @jibhorse Exploiting the insects? is that a joke?

  10. Well done! You put my garden to shame. How do you control pests, especially

  11. @KarmaGoods yeh,it does change the meaning of cant have it both are using manure namely worm castings.and you are exploiting the
    insects in that garden.its all the same.and to explian it away by using the
    term samantics is convenience.look around your house and garden,maybe your
    shoe drawer.are you very sure none of these things can be traced back to
    animals in any way.i think not.

  12. @madeofyucca thank you! Your pet peeve is just a matter of semantics in my
    opinion. You are correct…all insects, worms, etc fall under the Kingdom
    “Animalia” and they all play a part in the cycle. It doesn’t really change
    the meaning of “Veganic” though which is the concept of farming/gardening
    without the “exploitation” of animals for their bloodmeal, bonemeal, or
    manure. Ladybugs, lacewings, bees, aphids, ants, etc also play a part in my
    garden – hardly something to be a stickler about!

  13. Very Very impressive. I am also a Phoenix gardener., I was very impressed
    with your structures. Were the raised block beds built with morter or set
    dry? Could you explain that in more detail? azvalleyman

  14. what he said! absolutely beautiful

  15. @sulfurousstench For my raised beds in the cage, I bought a 50/50 mix of
    compost/topsoil from a bulk soil supplier. For my beds outside the cage
    (see other vids), I just loosened up the ground and turned in a TON of
    compost. Our native clay is great soil when amended with compost…it
    becomes nutrient rich and retains water very well.

  16. @danbuck333 Thanks man! It’s a work in progress, constantly expanding.

  17. That is an amazing first garden! Keep up the good work!

  18. WOW! What a stupendous first year garden; I am highly impressed. Thanks for
    sharing! Very encouraging for the rest of us with dry clay soil.

  19. Thanks! I use 50% shade-cloth.

  20. Very impressive, for a first garden, did u take a collage course on raising
    your first garden, then do a lab on it? This is advanced stuff for a
    beginner! Outstanding! Imagine what u will be doing 10, 20 years from now!
    Were the friends and family. That helped u on building the garden,
    beginners? Now I am going garden and re-think what I’m needing
    to do to get it up to par with the beginner! Rock on!:) your doing great!

  21. I am in NW Phx and just starting my organic veggie garden…wow..I love
    this, and hope to get to this stage someday…just wondering…we have an
    issue with cats…any ideas on what to do to keep them out of the garden –
    we are renters, so its unlikely we can build a big enclosure like you
    have…we just have a small raised veggie bed

  22. Good job man! Im in Mesa and will hopefully start my garden this year. This
    gives me hope!

  23. That is really impressive, I live in Phoenix and I know how hot and how
    hard it can be to grow stuff out here. The sun is also a problem and that
    black netting stuff is a great idea.

  24. @luke26126 I haven’t got many…some flowers here and there but I’d like to
    get more into that!

  25. Gummer's Growing Journal Reply January 3, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Great vid watcher here from yorkshire england, id sort your ant problem out
    also in future id prune your toms check the vids on here bout it will be
    miles more beneficial with yeild, i did a 50% pruned 50% natural last year
    and my prunedhit around 200% more fruit, awsome layout bud keep going
    strong! starting my grows up and hope to have a set up lik this in next