Vegetable Garden – Planting Cucumber

Vegetable Garden – Planting and supporting your Cucumber. Visit The Bayou Gardener in South Louisiana at
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  1. just wanted to say,, this works great… i do the same in my garden but
    with bigger circles and triangles of concrete wire,,, but as with all the
    circle trellis, the weeds grow in the middle and are a pain in the butt to
    get too… the last couple years i’ve cut a circle of plain brown card
    board for the inside and planted the cucumber just to the outside, this
    works great , and by the end of the season the cardboard is mush and can be
    tilled right into the soil :) … also if you use flat concrete wire,
    cut them in 3 ft width , connect 3 together ( with hog rings or wire ties)
    to make a triangle… these are very strong,,,if you temp connect the 3rd
    section , they also can be tri folded flat to put away for the winter….
    love your videos :) … i’ve just aquired 2 acres of land and have big
    plans,,, guess i should get a video camera… lol

  2. Is the rammer, that is used on the posts, homemade or store bought?

  3. Wow, I didn’t know cucumbers needed support as well. Thanks for sharing
    this with us. Do the cucumbers and tomatos attach to the support
    automatically (like a vine growing that self attaches)or do you have to tie
    them up as they grow?

  4. Valentin Nikolov Reply June 1, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    @9828pink snails arent a problem they wont eat youre cucumbers and squash
    … dont worry

  5. nice videos!

  6. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  7. have u ever try the concrete wire for your cages it really works well for
    tomatoes plants

  8. Johnny Fontenot Reply June 1, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    Mr.Donald – Love your vids and recently heard you were laid up? Hope you
    are well recovered sir from Johnny out in Laguna Beach Ca.

  9. Don, what variety you grow? You have any problems with the tips getting
    pointy and the fruit looking like a pointy golf ball when it gets hot at
    the end of May or middle of June?

  10. Angelika Bertrand Reply June 1, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    How many acres do you have?I live in Northern Utah.It is now August.Could I
    plant cucumbers ?

  11. 6 seeds per cage, do you thin them out? Thanks for your time

  12. @redneckbarbi1 … it does take awhile to figure out how much of each
    vegetable your family uses / needs to grow. I try to plant a little extra
    just in case……..Donald

  13. Cost between $1.50 – $1.75 each……. Donald

  14. I never thought cucumbers needed cages either. my only problem is keeping
    the pest out from feeding on my veggies. do you have any advice on pest
    repellant for cabbages?

  15. They weren’t a problem last year. This year may be a whole different story.
    We’ll just have to wait and see. Some of my first beans will be ready to
    pick in a couple of days, that is if I can get in the garden after this
    5.4″ rain we just got yesterday.

  16. 231MasseyFerguson Reply June 1, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Ok, I’ll be planting cucumbers soon. How much of this wire do I need, how
    much does it cost, and how many t-posts will I need? I want to do exactly
    as you have done. Nothing different (because I know yours works). I’ll be
    planting a row of Straight Eight Cucumbers about 80 ft. long. Also, will
    this same set-up work for squash and tomatoes, each planted on an 80 ft.
    long row (using the same wire)? Thank You once again.

  17. About 2 weeks after your last frost date………. Donald

  18. A “T” post driven 12-14 inches into tilled ground should work unless you
    have real loose soil. If so, drive them a little deeper.

  19. The heat is killing mine also. Will have to stop planting the upside down
    ones and try some in the garden……… Donald

  20. My cucumbers are turning brown at the tip of the leaves. Any idea what
    might be wrong?

  21. @txgardener6740 … you’re right on time. Never started okra, squash or
    cucumber in pots but the tomatoes and jalepeno mentioned should be ready to
    transplant into the garden in about 8 weeks. Wait till all danger of frost
    has passed before transplanting. The okrs, squash and cucumber can be
    seeded directly into the garden around that time (April – May)…….Donald

  22. You’re right, I’ve done it that way in the past when I had taller cages. My
    cages are short, 32 inches, so I really can’t afford to lose any height. .
    I found that once the vines start attaching themselves to the cage and get
    some size to them, they don’t move around anymore. After a few rains they
    also settle some. I guess it depends on the type of soil you’re working
    with as well.

  23. Allowing them to vine on something keeps them off the ground (no half white
    - half green cucumbers) and they will grow straighter because they are
    hanging. For pest control I use a mixture of Sevin Dust and Sulfur. I use
    as little as I can get by with. Cabbage will get a little Sevin Dust until
    right before the heads start forming, then nothing after that. Snap Beans
    get no pest control after they start flowing.

  24. 231MasseyFerguson Reply June 2, 2014 at 1:39 am

    Ok, how long does it take for my cucumber and squash to come up (planted
    seeds)? I’m beginning to wonder about them… Been in the ground for about
    5 or 6 days now. Also, how often should I water the seeds and plants once
    they come up? Thank You Again!

  25. I’ve heard that probably the cheapest and easiest would be to mix sand in
    it…….. Donald