Vegetable Gardening 2011 Edition w/ Bob Webster

Long overdue, here is the 2011 edition of Bob Webster’s vegetable gardening seminar. Bob will walk you through growing your own produce with all the helpful …
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  1. Hummm I wonder if BT hanging plays a part in the monarch decline (even if
    you don’t spray it on the milkweed)

  2. Hey Bob, thanks for posting this! What kind of tomato cages did you show? I
    didn’t catch the name. Thanks! Caroline

  3. Thanks!

  4. @ELHIEGER1 Glad you enjoyed it. They’re having a drip irrigation seminar
    this weekend I’m hoping I can attend, but it’s not looking so good.
    Hopefully, though. Stay tuned!

  5. I’m glad you found what you’re looking for. Sadly I haven’t filmed anything
    recently, but hope to return with more videos. Thanks for watching.

  6. @S1lv3rblad3 nevermind. 5 mins later he said to do this. Lol.

  7. Bob promotes the no-till method of planting. So if you a garden plot or
    acreage, no-till does the least amount of damage to the good bacteria. When
    planting a tree, you obviously need to dig a hole, but the hole is less
    damaging than if you tilled an entire acre. Bob would also recommend adding
    compost & compost tea to the tree after planting to get the good bacteria &
    microorganisms thriving again.

  8. great talk!

  9. Excellent talk.

  10. So youre saying not to tilt the soil because you dont want to kill the good
    bacteria and disrupt the soil but you have to dig a big hole in the ground
    in order to transplant your fruit trees right? so you do end up damaging
    the soil? Great video by the way.

  11. Hi. I’m not Bob, but I did film his seminar :) Those folding cages are
    Texas Tomato Cages & can be purchased at TomatoCage [.] com

  12. If I was preparing my soil ahead of time for an area should I just spread
    compost on the area as soon as possible and let it sit static there? or add
    it to the soil immediately before planting?

  13. Bob has a great presentation. I’ve heard most of this from him before, but
    it’s a good summary, and comes over really fresh after a long pause. He
    talks such good sense with authority, and I would refer this to anyone who
    wanted to know why organics is the best way :-) (I follow this from
    Germany, and have even demonstrated compost tea making at our church fete)

  14. Talma StormPhoenix Reply October 31, 2014 at 11:29 am

    I was looking for last year’s video because I’ve been referencing something
    Bob said about the organic material in the soil and had been linking to it.
    Well a few days ago when I referenced it and couldn’t find it I started to
    panic and then I decided to check this video out and lo and behold it’s an
    updated version with the info I was looking for in the first five
    minutes!lol Thanks for the series!

  15. Oh thank goodness! I’ve been having Bob Webster withdrawals. I love his
    garden tips! – Mark