Vegetable Gardening : How to Plant Zucchini in a Garden

Thoroughly worked soil with a rich layer of compost makes a perfect medium for your to plant zucchini in your garden. Get a detailed look at the entire process in this free video on vegetable…

12 Responses to “Vegetable Gardening : How to Plant Zucchini in a Garden”

  1. Shelita Williams Reply April 7, 2015 at 4:29 am

    Thanks pretty lady great video!!! 

  2. Oh hello! Have you ever tried – zrumplina diy aquaponics (do a search on
    google)? Ive seen some great things about it and my brother in law grew
    excellent fruits with it.

  3. Do you have any advice about transplanting them? Are the roots sensitive? 

  4. Demonstrating on how to grow zucchini plants in your garden is very
    overwhelming! I found this video quite interesting and I am thankful for
    sharing your thoughts regarding on this matter. Another set of information
    are added in my knowledge.

  5. Sisteme de irigatii Reply April 7, 2015 at 5:54 am
  6. Thank you Gus! i planted and now the zucchinis are taking over my entire
    garden! and that is with only one plant! wow, it’s going to be delicious!

  7. Do you know the lifespan of a zucchini plant? I can’t seem find any info on

  8. Yes they are nice. Don’t forget to save some seeds so next year you will
    have more than just one plant ;) What variety you have?

  9. Yes, she mean in the same spot/hole. I would say… you don’t have to waste
    4 seeds to take only 2 plants. Even the weaker/slower plants, will develop
    just fine if you give them some time. Don’t clip them. Zucchini seeds grow
    9 out of 10 times. So easy. It takes about a week, 10 days maximum
    depending the weather, to see the first leafs. So i suggest to put one seed
    per hole and even if one or two don’t come out, you have time to put a new
    seed at that spot so you won’t have unused space.

  10. Do you plant the four seeds in the same little spots and then thin it out
    to two OR do your plant one seed and then another one in another spot?

  11. Why spend the seeds? Yet, if you deside to follow the way it say in the
    video and put 4 seeds in one hole, place them like an inch away from each
    other… that way it will be easier to separate their roots when you take
    them out for relocation. I personally start the seeds in 2 inch pots
    first…one seed per pot… it’s easier to control them… take them inside
    if the weather goes bad etc etc. When they become 7-8 inches tall i put
    them in their final position. Good luck :)

  12. Depends the variety of Zucchini you have. If i can speak in general… from
    the day you will put the seeds… it takes 40-60 days to have zucchinis…
    and from there it keeps producing for an other 70-90 days.