Vegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Companion Planting

Companion planting what the Iroquois valued as the sustainers of life: beans, corn, and squash. Watch the video and learn how to plant them in a raised bed. The tools I use are from Radius Garden, click the link to get your own! SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE MAGAZINE: Share on my messageboard:
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26 Responses to “Vegetable Gardening: Three Sisters Companion Planting”

  1. she is gorgeous :)

  2. @Illchangeitlater ya but peas arent that hot hardy they like more cool whever than hot but i found out that u can grow a long or short row of tall sunflowers and then let the sunflowers die and in the next year you can plant peas or beans around the sunflowers and they will grow good with squash around it too.

  3. Can you use peas instead of beans? I mean, I know they’ll grow the same way, but do peas fix nitrogen like beans do?

  4. If people try this at home, it would be better the start with a staggered planting of seeds directly into the garden. Plant corn first, wait until you see sprouts, then plant pole beans and again wait until you see sprouts, then plant the squash. Rabbit manure is great to put directly onto the garden (it’s not a hot manure), but it could attract mating rabbits who love pole bean sprouts. If you use rabbit manure or have lots of wild rabbits, put up a physical barrier until the vines mature.

  5. she is too slow and boring

  6. AngelikavonDeutschla Reply October 17, 2011 at 9:13 am

    You need more soil in thihs bed!

  7. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  8. @PunxsutawneyPhyl They are but don’t feed them anything with weed seed in it or you will have it growing in your garden left and right. I like German angoran rabbits. They produce fertilizer by eating your weeds(before they go to seed), they also make wool that that is 7 times warmer than sheep wool, and they are larger rabbits that you can eat. All in all there is no waste with these at all.

  9. @TheStealthDragoon I was just going to ask that I thought you were supposed to sow them in installments thanks!

  10. what about growing you plants from the seed you seed the year before if you trying to honor the ancestry of agriculture

  11. Dear Patti, you should pitch this to HGTV or to OWN or someone… this is a big movement but people just don’t know how to… a great TV show could come of this that could make a lot of money

  12. @zcrazyhorse4me you plant pole beans (a vine, kentucky wonder is what we got), and i think that any squash/gourd will do… some people plant pumpkins, so i would guess a summer. hope this helps

  13. what kind of beans, vine or bush, what kind of squash winter or summer ?

  14. I need some rabbits. Everyone keeps telling me how great rabbits are for producing manure for the garden.

  15. Great video Patty. I’m passing this one on like many others. Thanks

  16. I love your Videos, Ms Patti. I’m really keen on working on our garden project here in the Philippines ~ :D

  17. hi Ms. patti moreno i really love all your vidoes….and your an inspiration to me and i also have my own garden too and things are going super good. I also have chickens that i use their poop for fertilizer.

  18. amerindians never grew seedings and then planted. They just used a stick to make three holes in the ground then put the seeds straight in one after the other. Corn will not grow to its full potential if you use seedling and neither will beans but you can do it with the squash

  19. lol @ 4:46 looks like her hubby’s taking a piss on her garden. Seriously though, good vid but best to plant this direct seed and let corn grow for 2 weeks or to 4 inches before planting beans and squash.
    Also not too sure but churning up your soil as much as you did, it may kill off the bacteria living in it.

  20. Is that Trace Bundy on the soundtrack?

  21. Patty, you have a gr8 tv persona. you look gr8, your voice is perfect (not too fast or slow not too high pitched, nice and relaxed) and you explain things clearly!!!! Enjoyed watching you!

  22. I hope to see an update, I’m intrigued by this companion gardening technique.

  23. @kaxiaz I’d like to know the answer to that as well.

  24. Hi garden girl

    I yhink if you mix the soil you will kill bacteria that dont like oxigen that live inside

    What you think

  25. i dont know about u guys but i think shes “HOT” and she can do yard work!!! am in heaven!!!!!!


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