Vegetable Gardens 3, 4, & 5 June 1, 2011

Here’s a look at my other 3 garden spots. Rather than trying to create one large area, I break it up into manageable size gardens. 3 & 4 or doing much better…
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  1. @MrVTHILLBILLY Well thanks ! It all seems kinda small to me. But I guess
    theres a reason I dont have 10 acres of nice open land. I’m crazy enough to
    plant it ! Then I’d be up the creek for sure !

  2. @qualqui Thank you sir. That corn is taseling nice, got some ears
    silking..been watering it cuz mother nature aint cooperating ! Looking
    forward to a good mess of corn on the cob !

  3. @joecil1 Thx Joe. Hoping it makes good. I have to do that corn by hand. I
    laid off the rows 32″ and did it with the RT tiller. I suckered 7 rows,
    plowed and hilled them up Saturday. It was some kinda hot too. I’ll try to
    hill up the other 9 more suckering though! I was darn near
    whooped !

  4. ek-suh-luhnt!

  5. 3:12 ‘the raccoons said they were delicious!’ i laughed out loud

  6. Bobby, you going to need some help come harvest time. Great looking

  7. Awesome Gardens..No crab grass in sight.. wait.. I have all the crab grass
    in my garden. Nice job..

  8. @mhpgardener Oooooooooooo! Gardendale has a nice ring to it! LOL You could
    have a Baconsoda potato patch!

  9. @MelodeeRose Thx ! As somebody said recently (think it was ironhead41),
    busy as a 3-legged dog trying to bury a bone on a frozen lake ! ;-)

  10. @Marlania1 Thx Marlania ! I hope all is well, glad to hear from you !

  11. @Watsamadoing The corn, beans and peas I do with the Earthway planter.
    Everything else is dropped by hand. I wanted to show a lot of this early
    on, but the wind this year was terrible. Wind and camera recording don’t
    work well together. Unless of course you’re filming a tornado ! Thx, I have
    a lot of work to do, to get this soil built up. Its a slow process, but
    I’ll get there !

  12. @RockyCropFarm Never heard that. My luck, they’d suddenly become pickle
    eaters ! I think I’ve got them under control right now. Got rid of 4,
    havent seen any more…fingers crossed….and rifle loaded ! BTW, you guys
    back on track after the cleanup?

  13. Looking Good out there keep up the good Lords work!! God Bless you and your
    family Marlania

  14. Your “little” garden would be massive for me LOL It’s all looking great! I
    wonder how many gallons of water you go through in a growing season. You
    could always give your gardens names instead of numbers. If you wanted to
    give your gardens names instead of numbers, what would you name them?

  15. @webcajun Yea, but I’m a little picky about who goes in the gardens. Most
    folks don’t know HOW to pick. I let a lady pick squash last year cuz we had
    plenty. It was 4 days before we picked another one. She picked them down to
    the size of pickling cukes….the blooms had barely opened up. She didnt
    pick anymore ! And the 2 gals that I let pick snaps year before last? Holy
    cow. I thought they had lost an earring, turned the plants upside down. :-0

  16. @stymye Yea, I’ve heard of using sweet oil, or vegetable oil for that.
    Right now though, its just beginning to tassel, and I see a few worms in
    there already.The ears are a ways off from forming Gonna spray some Dipel
    tomorrow. That should tone them down a bit. I’ll spray early and often if I
    have too. I really would like a good supply of corn for the freezer and

  17. Very cool….great job!

  18. @mediamaker2000 Little..Massive…its all relative ! No idea on the
    water…but I’m sure its way up there. Garden names..hmmm. How
    about…Dale, Squirrel, Karen, Brendan, Potato…. thats all 5 ! ;-)

  19. There’s a book on the VA extension office website that tells how to grow
    just about everything. I printed it out & just happened to be reading about
    corn yesterday. I was surprised that when it comes to suckering corn they
    say “it is not necessary to remove suckers or side shoots that form on
    sweet corn. With adequate fertility, these suckers may increase yield, &
    removing them has been shown, in some cases, to actually decrease yield”.
    Looking good, hope you got some rain yesterday.

  20. @selfreliantboy I’ve got a couple of old Fords. A ’53 Jubilee for light
    work and gardening. And a ’58 861 that does the hard work, bottom plow,
    discing, and mowing. They’re old, but some kinda tough.

  21. @carolyn1409 Thx. I dunno, I just stay busy. Just dont ever get behind, cuz
    catching up is twice as hard. I do sleep good, very good. ZZZzzzzzz ;-) I’m
    in southern VA, got plenty of red clay too. I saw your garden video, really
    cool. I did sucker 7 rows of corn, got tired and said heck with it. We’ll
    see how it goes .

  22. @loislaney23 Thx Lois. I use the tractor when I need to. A lot of it is
    done by hand, just pull them up. I’ll even walk the rows with a bucket,
    pulling weeds. Then dump it out the end of the row. That way I know its
    gone for sure. Too often, if left in the middle of the row, the weeds never
    die, they pop back up if it rains. If I pull it, I don’t want to see it
    again ! By my calculations, thats just over half an acre, which doesn’t
    seem to be much at all !

  23. @mrbr549 A brothers gotta eat ya know ! I have no stand. What we don’t eat
    or put up is given away. I skip the money making part and just try to be a
    blessing by giving it away. Its not a bad deal !

  24. @rickbish1 Thx Rick. Its my first time with Homestead, supposed to be
    bullet proof. I did a few Goliath last year, they did ok, but I’m thinking
    better soil should make some nice ones. And of course Rutgers is a must.
    Hoping that C’lee does real well. I’d like to see it 8ft tall and 6ft wide
    like Donalds !

  25. @MrStepheninKY Thx man, just glad to HAVE a garden after seeing your ordeal