Vegetables You Can Plant in the Winter to Garden Year Round

John from shares with you some vegetables he is planting in the winter in his mild-climate. In this episode you will discov…

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  1. If I had a constant growing season I’d be exhausted. I enjoy the break
    during the winter. No compost making, no weed pulling. I grow indoors to
    keep my sanity during the winter. :) 

  2. I love winter gardening, less bugs ,less watering and not hot. Lettuce,
    onions ,carrots, beets, turnip, kale, collards, garlic, fava beans, chard ,
    cilantro, fennel, parsley, pak choi, arugula, leeks. John you are the man,
    I have learned so much from you. I am rooting tree collards and just got
    ashataba seeds.

  3. Yes I grow all year round too and it’s awesome! But we still have to be
    mindful of what to grow at certain times in the subtropics and although
    there are new varieties of low chill stones fruits and apples etc we can’t
    grow those wonderful typical cold plants that can be grown in cooler
    climates… Like you we can grow most vegetables. Take the good with the
    bad :) Nice video mate! 

  4. All my stuff (lettuce, turnips, kale, Brussels sprouts, etc.) are all
    green, but not growing at ALL….. and the root crops are just growing
    leaves but not even TRYING to grow their roots. Seriously, the golden ball
    turnips, egg turnips, carrots….NUTTIN’ but enough root to be alive. If I
    didn’t know what I bought, I wouldn’t even think these were the right
    crops. All I can figure is we’ve had practically no sun for over a month.
    What was eternal sunshine during the summer turns out to be (even if the
    sun IS shining) only an hour or so during fall/winter in my garden. Do
    y’all think if we DO start to get more sunny days, that they could start
    producing their root crop or is it too late, once they’ve formed a lot of
    leaves. The lettuce and Swiss chard look like they’re for a Barbie doll
    they’re still so small! LOL

  5. First!

  6. John I took your advice on I’m growing sprouts in my house. Getting excited
    for the next year of growing. Its 21 below zero today not very good for
    growing outside yet:-(:-( I am trying to grow wheatgrass but not been
    successful in sprouting I will look for another source of seed. I love your
    videos keep it up:-)

  7. It’s amusing how John always manages to insert his relationship status into

  8. is it just me; i swear this guy looks super young…. i wonder how old he

  9. A great way to figure out what to plant is to visit your local nursery. If
    they have it, it will grow in your area. I got some coupons for my local
    nursery. So I picked up some starts. I picked up; kale, lettuce, arugula,
    red chard, red cabbage, parsley, and some catnip for the cats. For the soil
    I did a mix of potting soil, existing soil, compost and Azomite rock dust.

  10. Pople BackyardFarm Reply January 14, 2015 at 10:49 am

    Besides the high taxes here in New York ..moving south for retirement will
    help us with our food growing… looks like you have a awesome garden there
    in your yard. – love what you said about diversity – Ruthie

  11. Wish I lived in a warmer climate, it was like 1 degree last night lol

  12. I found beets very hard to transplant. they’re very sensitive. that’s why I
    germinate them in the soil from the start.

  13. When it gets down to -40 for 4+ months of the year. Theres not much you can
    do, your garlic might even die off. 

  14. Oh I wish it’s 15 degrees right now in Michigan lol

  15. id of thought youd grow all or at least most of your plants from seed. you
    know the many benefits of growing from seed, ie more independance, cheaper,
    more sustainable. cmon john. thanks for all your inspiration but dont get
    why you dont seem to grow from seed, please explain, id rather u not even
    explain, just start growing from seed lol it grinds my gears.. take care

  16. I’m growing San Marzano tomatoes indoors all winter. I’m looking for best
    LED light to grow 365 indoor and produce the best tomatoes. Any ideas????

  17. Hi John I really appreciate your channel. I was wondering now with all your
    combined experience as a new years treat whats your best start to finish
    lesson. I am overwhelmed with tip and combined tricks that I haven’t grown
    anything in any form yet. Have tried plenty but nothing yet . So to not
    give up I would really enjoy & I believe others can relate to a-z from seed
    to plant guide Based on your experience, Thank you Happy New year! 

  18. Kohlrabi Superschmelz – worth locking forward to. But those tasts best when
    Watch this German guy.

  19. Thanks to your videos I’m on my way to starting a big garden. Thank you for
    being an inspiration to me. Btw…how about doing a video about your life.
    I’d love to see a more personable video of you. Don’t worry…I’m married.
    Just very interested in how you live. Happy New Year!

  20. I have been sick for over a year and my garden has gone to hell. Thanks for
    this video. I well be putting up a new raised bed and fixing my old raised
    bed soon. I figured I won’t be any sicked by being out in the fresh air
    working than I am in bed feeling sorry for myself. xoxo

  21. Once you have less than 10 hours of light, regardless of how mild your
    climate is, the slugs win, in my experience.

  22. Its been in the 20′s quite a few nights and my cilantro has been
    germinating from seeds that bolted in mid summer and fell on the ground. I
    was surprised of its frost tolerance. Also all my lettuce an mustard greens
    spinach and collards seem to love it. Keep on growing. Love the videos John
    keep them coming

  23. Where to buy seeds/plants in Las Vegas?

  24. I just planted some leeks, hopefully they grow in southern oregon this time
    of year. Also growing wheat grass in doors. where do you think might be a
    good place to grow starts this time of year? Hope you have a good new year
    as well Mr. Kohler.

  25. Nice this is something i was wondering about very much and had requested
    for some time from you John. Thanks & keep up the good work man!

    Chiogga beets are nice, they have that beautiful white and purple bulls eye
    in the flessh.