Veggie Garden Update 6th December 2011….

Just a quick walk around the patch…. A fair bit is being harvested at the moment so are most pleased.. “Jerusalem artichoke” carrots popcorn kohlrabi silve…

10 Responses to “Veggie Garden Update 6th December 2011….”

  1. @Teddybearcop48 Ha ha ha ha… Our snakes are 6foot long, brown & are
    rather poisonousness… Only seen 1 friendly green tree one here lately…
    Thanks & have a great one…

  2. Thats a great looking garden u have there, alot of diversity…. Wish i had
    your weather as well, lol, i have to dig through over a foot of snow just
    to see soil now, lol.. Take care, Evan…

  3. @dalecalder2003 I think the Neem is working great but the rain just keep
    washing it off.. Trimmed a whole heap of infected leaves yesterday as we
    have 3 days of rain ahead of us apparently.. Was interesting to go back &
    see the growth from the last walk around clip.. Take it easy Dale…

  4. If you are anything like me seeing the garden daily you don’t really see
    how fast it is developing. Trust me the growth in your garden is amazing.
    All of your vining plants cukes, melons, beans etc are so lush. Too bad
    about the mildew problem, we get that here too being a coastal region we
    tend to have a lot of fog and rain some years and that causes mildew and
    other blights on potatoes and tomatoes especially.

  5. @Allen2045 Hi there Paula.. They are an Asian veggie that just grows like
    anything here.. Taste a bit different than normal bush & climbing ones…
    They hold up better in stews & casseroles… : )ยป

  6. @KingRyltar Shall keep on keeping on… Thanks & have a great one…

  7. @GardenNewbie Thanks Evan… Think I will take the heat any day over the
    snow.. **nods** Stay warm…

  8. looking good bro, keep growing your greens.

  9. Your Plants are awesome. Don’t think I have ever tried snake beans.

  10. I have mixed emotions about your garden. 1 being jealousy because it is so
    cold and nasty here.. just kidding.. so wonderful wonderful to look into
    your warm weather. Keep up the good job.. we do have snakes hear that looks
    like your beans.