Veggie Garden Update 8/19/13

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers onions and the almighty herb.
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19 Responses to “Veggie Garden Update 8/19/13”

  1. “Smell-o-Vision” hell, what about “TastyVision”!?

  2. hey kbgrowkid420 im not tryna bother you but can you give me advice on how
    to grow outdoor marijuana? I have seen your plant vids and i am impressed
    by how amazing they turn out. I have 6 seedlings and it is my first grow so
    i still have a whole lot to learn. i would really appreciate your help
    since you seem like a master grower to me :)

  3. The garden is great, your plants are producing perfect. Wakka Wakka!

  4. CultivatedCaregivers . Reply January 23, 2014 at 2:06 am

    Looking real good :) love hots

  5. dude i would have taken seeds off ur hands no need to throw them in the fire

  6. I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that most of the growers have left,
    stopped posting, pulled all their vids, you name it! Whatever people.

  7. Was nice looking at your garden but man o man are my ears burning. Your
    narrative would have been just as effective without all the ‘adult’ words.
    Granted, you didnt say anything I havent heard and on occassion used but in
    normal conversation is somewhat distracting.

  8. GRAVITYbonghitter dankhash Reply January 23, 2014 at 4:41 am

    Hope u post harvest vid soon u always grow dank.

  9. those plants are looking good are you going to pot a video on pickling them

  10. i grew yellow pear tomatoes last year in my garden and it is the best in
    greek salad

  11. Hey i used to plant a bunch of different kinds of tomatoes until my uncle
    who is a industrial farmer told me heirloom tomatoes will pollinate your
    other strains of tomatoes and cause mutations which can be good or bad for
    your other strains. haha just letting you know. just the heirlooms cause
    this is from what i have noticed

  12. put cucumber in fridge till their cold, chop up the cucumber, place on
    plate, squirt lemon on em, put some lucas on it and you got a nice mnchiesss

  13. do you have a room for rent so I can come over and grow my own smoke

  14. did you even tough that plant? or did it just do its own thing? lol thats

  15. Nice tomatoes dude. Think I’m going to try the Brandywines next year!

  16. Great garden. KILLER peppers. Big & Juicy as shit!

  17. Love the “Big Jim’s” for making mild chili rellenos

  18. townshipfourtwenty Reply January 23, 2014 at 10:19 am

    yea made feel a little skecthced on posting my vids but they r still coming
    jus at a slower pace