Vertical Gardening Examples at the 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden Show

John from shares with you a half dozen examples of how you can have a vertical garden by using some of the space you alread…
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  1. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply October 9, 2014 at 6:12 am
  2. Justgivemethetruth Reply October 9, 2014 at 7:09 am

    Love this channel, but it sure would be nice if there was a bit more
    emphasis on the “Learn Organic Gardening” effort instead of “push crackpot
    products” effort.


  4. BTW I’m a groobie :) 

  5. Imagine waiting in line at airport security…check it out, there’s John
    Kohler pulling his “Living Wall” so he can have fresh vegetables where ever
    he goes! Let him through!

  6. I thought you were vegan. 

  7. @John, started growing my own lemons, cherry tomatoes and peppers indoors
    in my window seal, so far growing 4 lemons, 2 cherry tomatoes and 2 sweat
    peppers plants, hoping for 10 peppers per plant and 20 cherry tomatoes,
    will continue to grow these so i have ready supply, with 1 plant being
    planted each month, ensuring a steady supply for cherries and peppers,
    since plants are perennial and only grow one fruit before you need to
    replant them.

    Thanx for posting your vidses, i’ll post some pictures one of these days.

    BTW I live in London, in Victorian house without garden, but have large bay
    windows up front and large 4x4ft window at the back with deep window seal,
    back window is south facing and already growing unadable plants there, a
    large Yuka plant, few plants I forgot the name of. 

  8. What a great field trip., lot of growing ideas!!!! Awesome! I love the
    “living wall” idea! I think you could make your own a little
    cheaper! but wow what great ideas shows like this show you! I
    think I will look some up in my area of Ohio! Thanks for posting and Take

  9. And we Keep On Drinkin !

  10. John, your videos contain a wealth of information for all gardeners and
    your effort is really appreciated.

  11. I love raised beds ! And vertical gardens thank you for sharing !!!

  12. loved this vid… youre wondreful.
    love to have all those products.. lol thanks

  13. @John I’m a groobie and would like for you to do a show for Phoenix Az???

  14. Great video !

  15. He is fucking hobbit, he pretty much said he was 4ft in the video

  16. Excellent show John.
    Imagination and the knowledge of plant needs is all it takes to convert a
    small space into a viable and productive garden.
    Bon appetitè

    Fred J. Lewis
    Simcoe co.
    Innisfil, Ontario

    PS. May 4th and night-time temperatures still hovering around 5-7 degrees.

  17. That stand, red cedar thing – cost like $2000… guess your living in NYC
    penthouse for it…

  18. love it! I an harldy wait to implement some of these ideas in my new space. :) 

  19. Great field trip video John. Thanks for sharing

  20. I am a grewbie and looking forward to being a master gardener.

  21. Thanks for all of your videos John, I am a grewbie and I am learning a lot.
    I have a rain barrel and two raised garden beds above a clay area near the
    water table. I have woods nearby so It’s difficult to get morning light as
    there is a small area that gets full light all day. I am enjoying eating
    RIGHT from my garden as I preen it and it really is something quite
    relaxing, and you still get to use your creativity.
    I have millions of questions, but at this point I am still absorbing a lot
    so I will wait and continue to watch your videos.
    One of my new goals would be to follow the idea of the place in Ohio that
    grew greens in the winter without a heater. I would like to convert one of
    my garden boxes to a small hoop house with a separate compost pile to help
    keep it all warm enough. I wonder if anyone had experimented with that idea
    on a smaller scale like a 6×3 garden bed.
    One of the others would be dumping my bucket of rain water into the
    watering pipes without getting attacked my skeeters…sometimes I’ll just
    throw the barrel at the garden box and run into the truck swatting them
    along the way. Is real citronella safe to grow with your food?
    Thanks for all of the info you give, and cheers to the vid about the
    invasion of your privacy, some don’t realize what their rights are…only a
    few have paid attention to what has gone on these days.
    Thanks again John, cheers and keep on growing :) 

  22. you rad. good video. thankful for people like you

  23. I’ve been using cheap clear plastic I got at Lowes, it’s worked for 2
    seasons so far, still holding up well.

  24. Very cool!

  25. I don’t understand why you are so against using manure, when Sonoma Compost
    uses duck manure and you love that stuff.