Victory Garden

PASADENA, CA – As localization becomes increasingly popular due to the continued rise in gas prices and with the cost of living skyrocketing in the southland, Reginald Miller shows us one mans way of saving money by bringing back an alternate method of putting food on the table the old fashioned way.
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4 Responses to “Victory Garden”

  1. why doesn’t the president say plant victory gardens? I know we can do it on our own, but if michelle can plant one, why doesn’t he just LEAD the nation in the victory gardens again? we are in the same damn crisis before the war, and we’re in no less than 6 major wars right now.

  2. Home growers in California have it so lucky with their year-round gardening.

  3. lov this great idea

  4. When my sis lived in Pasadena, in a simliar looking house, I showed her how to plant veggies amongst her flowers. She had a lot of shade, so her choices were limited. But she was able to grow all the ingredients she needed for salads plus some root crops like carrots and beets.