Victory Seed Catalog Haul

Check these guys out. I was going to order all my seeds from Baker creek, but Victory Seed had some of the same varieties for less. I saved some money with t…

2 Responses to “Victory Seed Catalog Haul”

  1. Wow, nice variety! Every time I buy seeds, its mid winter, I am chomping at
    the bit to get back in the garden, so I go “overboard” (as my wife calls
    it)! Kind of like grocery shopping on an empty stomach! ;-)

  2. rockhillgardenpa Reply July 11, 2014 at 7:46 am

    Well I look at it this way….You never know till you try to grow it. Last
    year I started a let’s see if we like it plan. Grow and try something we
    never tried and see if it’s good. Yes, it goes in next year. No, scrap it.
    Also, I plan to save my seeds this year so I won’t have to purchase as big
    an order next year. Took me years to figure that out…duh!