Walk in Greenhouse $34 and 70% Off Organic Gardening Supplies at Big Lots

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to Big Lots to share with you the current gardening deals they may have available near you. …
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24 Responses to “Walk in Greenhouse $34 and 70% Off Organic Gardening Supplies at Big Lots”

  1. Not in the Michigan stores. They don’t have crap – literately, no fertilizers at all. The planting trays that look like they are 50% off are full price at the Casher. Just bait & switch in Michigan.

  2. Could I make a compost tea with that compost starter?

  3. Libertytreetv .com Reply August 17, 2013 at 10:06 am

    my problem is I live in johns area so when he goes out he grabs all the shit and I cant get it anyway ; {

  4. Same here…

  5. Looks like 91710 zip is not having also

  6. I have seen the Topsy Turvy at 99 cents only stores here in Vegas.

  7. Those products not available at BIg lots near me


  9. Thanks! I saw a video for this earlier, but my Big Lots was cleared out of a lot of stuff. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Thanks to you, I found a three tray greenhouse ($10!), but couldn’t find everything else that you showed on the video.

  10. Must. Run. To. Big. Lots.

  11. Thank you John!!! and Thank you to the person that took the time to alert John so he could pass it on to all of us…It’s so nice to see people go out of their way to let someone else in on a good deal…

  12. thank you, sir. picked up the last 3 seedling ‘green houses’ they had at my local big lots. you da man!

  13. I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent video’s. My husband and I have been struggling for a couple years with gardening, and your positive energy paired with your passion and knowledge have truly inspired us. We are addicted to your channel! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you.

  14. Got the following items in Rio Rancho, NM today. YMMV. a 250′ roll of shade/winter cloth for $13, some organic tomato/vegetable fertilizer, a 1000, yes, 1000 pack box of jiffy coconut coir seed plugs for $13.. THANKS FOR THE TIP JOHN!!

  15. I just bought this and put it together today. Thank John.

  16. I’m from OC too! Which store did you go to for the walk-in greenhouse? Thanks so much!

  17. It’s that time of year for a big score. The vinyl green houses (rack with covering) are the cheapest way to go for a first greenhouse try. Once the vinyl is shot in a few years you should have a larger polycarbonate greenhouse and can still use the racks. You could also use these cheap vinyl greenhouses inside your larger greenhouse to give your plants another layer.

  18. Love ya but isn’t it pot-ash and not po-tash?

  19. as always, thanks for great vids john. Inspiration.

  20. ON IT!
    Thanks John you rock!!!!!

  21. My big lots didnt even have a garden sale.

  22. i did put up another post that i put it on wheels and bring it in on windy days. maybe that’s why mine is still together. it does have a couple of small holes that i duct taped but the ties and zippers are still intact. i’ll definitely be able to use it next year too. sorry it didn’t work for you.

  23. Great video! Thanks

  24. lol