Watering The Vegetable Garden: The Easy Way

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25 Responses to “Watering The Vegetable Garden: The Easy Way”

  1. thanks!

  2. Good job bro. I know of trails in West Mich. Going to make some vids this weekend bud. Please check them out. I like your input.

  3. Thanks! So, did you find any Michigan hiking trails for 3-4 night trips? I would like to find some locally in southern Michigan if possible.

    Thanks, Roosevelt

  4. Stumbled across your channel yesterday while looking for Michigan hiking trails for 3-4 night trips. Being a Michigander myself I find your channel to be very helpful. Keep on making the vids, much appreciated.

  5. I will have to get the sound of the crow it sounds like that, don’t tell the neighbor.

  6. Oh man see if you can ring them in a and sell tickets to people who want to see them…;o))
    They are very good diggers so they probably made a drainage system to coupe with the water:o)

  7. We had a good rain yesterday and that’s about it in over two weeks. I hear one inch per week is good for a garden, we are getting about a fourth of that. But, i saw cayenne peppers, green bell peppers, and my beans and okra are coming up.

  8. We have had very little rain, you are a lucky man Geza.

  9. You’re welcome!

  10. and extremely low maintenance…except for the moles.


  11. Thanks Tito, gravity and capillary action does most of the work.

  12. Rob, I believe these are aquatic moles with a taste for juicy fruit chewing gum and hot pepper. They live! :)

  13. Not my water bill, it’s the city’s, but when I had a water bill it didn’t go up much, but then I used soaker hoses instead and had the entire garden covered with weed barrier to hold in moisture. .

  14. The moles live. Thanks!

  15. That’s the lady down from me, she has a very loud laugh.

  16. I will check it out, thanks. This method does seem quite efficient though.

  17. That sounds like a good idea.

  18. I’ll just keep using city water, :) , seems to be working. the cost effectiveness of a filter would be prohibitive. One 55 gallon drum full of water ids not enough to water, but a third the garden.

    That’s a great idea though, thanks.

  19. good job there my friend .though here at the moment we dont have to water nature is doing it her self lo we have lots of rain at the moment a months worth fell in one night …………all the best

  20. “Irrigate just like an egyptian”. This is an ancient and appropriate method of irrigation! The plants drink up all the water they need! Good job Roosevelt! We have a lot of rain here in Hungary, so I do not have to water my little garden.

  21. indoorharvestgardens Reply March 21, 2013 at 7:15 am

    yup if your using city water it will kill your beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae spores etc due to the chlorine/fluorine. i have a video on a filter i installed, you could do the same and then just fill the 55 gallon drum with fresh purified water. otherwise look into a rain collection system ;) -

  22. great idea, thanks for sharing

  23. A very simple but often overlooked system!

  24. Great job, my friend.
    This looks like a aqueduct. cool
    Nice to see how it goes forward in your garden.
    Thanks for showing.
    All the best to you.
    Greetings Tito

  25. my next door neighbor has a shallow well (20 or 30 feet) that they use for their outdoor plants. It saves on their water bill and the water is free minus the electricity it takes to draw it up. The water isnt really good for drinking since it is a shallow well and there was a hog farm near enough to put nitrates in the water. But the plants dont mind nitrates. The well was dug by hand a century ago for cattle watering.