Weed Control Using Cultivators – July 2010 – Growing a Garden

Weed control using cultivators. Don’t throw that hoe away just yet you’ll still need it between the plants. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Loui…

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  1. where is the forum. how do you get to it and join? I was looking for a cure
    for squash bugs.thanks,gary

  2. 231MasseyFerguson Reply October 5, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    Do you run your cultivator through the rows BEFORE the crop comes up, just
    to listen the soil some, or do u wait til grass starts growing after the
    crop is up?

    Planted my corn 6 days ago and haven’t seen any sprouts yet. But the
    furrows are starting to crack open, so that may be a good sign. There is a
    “crust” over the top of the furrow. I hope the sprouts can break through

  3. That is much easier than using a hoe on your crop and I have not forgotten
    your tip on using an empty row between each used row. I have a middle
    buster plow, a PTO driven tiller, and a landscaping rake and need a
    cultivator now. I am now looking for a good turning plow and think that I
    know where I can get one locally. 

  4. How are you watering this big garden ? If you’re watering it , then how ?

  5. Can you share the brand of the cultivator in the video. Having the ability
    to change the depths that the sweeps work seems like a unique feature. I
    am in the market for a single row cultivator but most can only be adjusted
    from side to side. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  6. What is that thing with 3 disks about 15 inches across on each side. I
    thought my grand father used to plow with them and cultivate as well. When
    he used a mule he had a triangle device with about 50 spikes on it and he
    had the mule pull it though the field I thought he called that a cultivater
    as well? He had 2 mules die in about 3 years ans bought a small tracter He
    would have got one earlier he said. He had run mules since about 1900.

  7. @treehot16 … yes it was hot that day. I call her “knot head” but she’s
    not dumb……..Donald

  8. @911no … I’ve started the first batch of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
    and lettuce. Check out the calendar on the web site. Thanks……..Donald

  9. “Heyyy how yall’ doin” this guy is the best spokesman for small timer

  10. @FIyingPengwin … there’s a donate button on the home page.

  11. Oops.. different type of weed I was thinking about.

  12. @rimma4 … Thanks I’m glad they help……. Donald

  13. Nice video, Donald. This was my first year using a “hiller” and a
    cultivator is in the budget for next season. Thanks for the great info!

  14. Great job done

  15. Hi Donald, love your gardening vids but you need a good American built
    Farmall Cub to work with. best garden tractor ever built and made in
    Louisville.ky. keep up the good work. I do lots of gardening here in KY but
    with red Farmall tractors. take care.

  16. Hi, Thanks so much for your videos. After watching your videos we have made
    several changes in our gardening techniques – - and it is going great so
    far. We have used a quick hitch and row builder for the first time and just
    love them. Can you help me with a supplier for the adjustable shank
    cultivator as we can’t find one anywhere. Have been gardening for a long
    time and just goes to show one is never too old to learn something new!
    Thanks again. Patricia

  17. Was just trying to explain to another fellow on youtube how he could do
    this with a tiller to get betwen his rows but he’s concerned about digging
    the veggie roots up between the rows and killing worms. A tiller has saved
    my back many times and I’ve not once killed a plant or any worms (That I
    know of!). BTW, you know me as southernstyle from the forum. Good to see
    you are okay donald.

  18. @therockkkkher … mostly for home use……..Donald

  19. If he’s convinced that’s the case then nothing you can say will change his
    mind. Nice hearing from you…..Donald

  20. @marieatthelake … corn is usually twice before lay by. Other vegetables
    just depend on how much grass and weeds are growing. Lot of rain means lots
    of grass……..Donald

  21. @marshall81174 … glad you enjoyed and hope it was helpful………Donald

  22. @socalledjay1 … those cultivators are on loan from Stevens Tractor, wish
    they were mine. Saving my nichols and dimes now……….Donald

  23. Another great video. You have the cleanest garden. Ransom (Houston)

  24. @xxwnetelxx … Thanks Bobby. It’s a nice tool to have…….Donald