What to Plant in your Fall Vegetable Garden & Planting Seeds from the Garden!

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15 Responses to “What to Plant in your Fall Vegetable Garden & Planting Seeds from the Garden!”

  1. love your garden! I didn’t know that beans climb!´╗┐

  2. Hello friends! Here’s a video about cool weather vegetables we can plant in
    our fall garden! Happy gardening! Misilla´╗┐

  3. Thank you, wishing a wonderful fall garden :)

  4. Thank you Major Fawcett!

  5. Oh forgot to tell you what I am going to try and grow–purple sprouting
    broccoli, cabbage, Tuscan kale, sorrel,leeks, garlic and swiss chards just
    to name a few. : > )

  6. I live in a subtropical climate be we still can grow many of the plants you
    suggested. We are in the opposite side of the world here and in early
    Spring! Some great tips in there for fall gardeners. I will place the video
    over on my social site “Happy House and Garden” in the fall gardening
    section! Happy Gardening to you Misilla! Happy Gardening Marty

  7. i love your channel! i love growing veggies and fruits in my garden, your
    channel really inspired me. check out my videos if you’d like to :)

  8. Great video once again

  9. Hi Misilla, my thoughts exactly! I will place your content on there from
    time to time as you bring out new videos. How ever you are more than
    welcome to set up your own account. It’s having some nice growth and I am
    looking for other members to come and join. Especially people like yourself
    that has a large knowledge base to share with others. Have a love day and
    Happy Gardening Marty

  10. Great idea on harvesting the seeds and replanting. Happy next crop

  11. Oh yeah, I forgot about the garlic lol :) Your fall garden sounds yummy :)

  12. Thank you Marty! I love the layout and the content that you put on your
    social site. Have a wonderful weekend! Happy gardening! Misilla

  13. Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to
    watch and comment :) I am glad that you are enjoying growing your own food!
    It’s such a rewarding hobby :) I will check them out…thanks again! Misilla

  14. Thanks Misilla. I look forward to your next videos!

  15. It’s great to connect with fellow gardeners from all over the world!
    Greetings to you from Washington state! I like your social site, thanks for
    posting my video, that’s very nice of you Marty! Happy gardening to you as
    well! Misilla