What’s So Special About Organic Seed?

While in Port Townsend, Washington, the OrganicNation.tv crew stopped at the Organic Seed Alliance to talk with seed geneticist John Navazio. He brought us to Nash Organic Farm where he’s working to breed healthy and robust organic spinach varieties. In this video, John explains why organic seed is important and why you can’t just sow any seed for a healthy crop! For more information about the Organic Seed Alliance visit: seedalliance.org/ For more videos visit: OrganicNation.tv
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8 Responses to “What’s So Special About Organic Seed?”

  1. beyondorganicfoods Reply November 20, 2011 at 6:15 am

    you actually have seed thats not patented!?! how crazy!! (SARCASM..)
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  2. There will be protests regarding genetic engineering/modification throughout the u.s. on 3/26/11.

    Please see the “Rally for the Right to Know” facebook page, for more info.

    Petitions can be signed at the “organicconsumers” website.

  3. very nice video.

  4. thanks.ur seeds r very good.itried your star of david.the interviewer also lovely.

  5. thanks.ur seeds r very good.itried your star of david.

  6. I love it…fluorocarbon spray paint…then to the organic, LOL! Great video with good information.

  7. could someone please give me a link to finding and buying organic seeds?

  8. Thanks for the video! You answered the exact question I had.