White Flies On Tomato Plants – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 152.avi

Here’s a quick, safe, & helpful tip you can use to reduce and eliminate white fly infestations from tomato plants.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Will be getting more again next year. The history of great! Thanks. Lynn

  2. Very good video! Did you know Ladybugs eat white flyes! New blog on eblogger search for History of the Ladybug

  3. Good to know where to get them. Thanks, will look them up. Hope they stay off your little beauties. Lynn

  4. I don’t know if the flies come from the soil or they just fly in from someone else’s yard. If you try it, let me know how it works. Did you buy the nematodes? Thanks for your comment. Lynn

  5. That’s very clever. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the tip. Lynn

  6. What a practical and safe remedy. Thanks for visiting and sharing your gardening expertise. Lynn

  7. Try and spray with washing up liquid, it works well Maybe u have to repeat a few times

  8. I’ll look it up and see what I can find. Thanks for the info. White flies are never good. Lynn

  9. Azamax spinocide I may be spelling it wrong but if you look it up you can find it. The white flies lay there eggs in the soil so you should do a soil drench and a foliar spray. And one more time about a week later depending on the life cycle of the bug. It is organic and safe; much better than having white flies

  10. Thanks for your comment and idea. Looked into the wire you suggested. It will be a good choice when these cages have fallen apart. Enjoy your next tomato crop. Lynn

  11. Your a tomato Fanatic like me!…Hate to see you using those commercial wire cages though.I like concrete re-enforcing wire for cages for indetermenate plants…Who knows,someone out there may be the next Heinz or Hunts ketchup empire…lol..Good video..Thanks.

  12. Thanks for showing me where the suckers grow. I will get rid of them this year!

  13. Thanks for your advice. That seems very easy to do and much less messy. Thanks for subbing. Lynn

  14. Awesome tip! Try just liquid dish washing liquid and water. Spray once every 4-5 wks. :) Thanks for your videos! Aloha!

  15. Sorry the sticky strip didn’t work for you. It certainly helped us that the plant was outside not enclosed in a greenhouse. I also drenched the plant with water several times and knocked them off. We were lucky they never spread to any of the other tomatoes. Maybe try bigger yellow board and more Vaseline next time.

  16. I’ve had no luck with yellow pest strips.

  17. Thank you for your kind comments. It’s so nice to hear from so many gardeners. Shared knowledge is a powerful thing! The white flies are no longer a problem. We caught many on the yellow board, I washed
    some off with the hose, and I think they just gave up and flew away. Thankfully they did not move on to
    my other tomatoes. Being outdoors is a great advantage as Mother Nature helps out a lot.

  18. Whoa Lynn, you scared me a little there when you said “and they die…” :-) I also love how you bring up tomato suckers in almost all your videos now after someone left that mean comment on your video the other day. Thanks for all the tips! As a new gardener I can use any help and advice I can get! And you are absolutely right, not everyone can sit and watch ALL the videos, so why not repeat a few things. Your garden looks amazing!

  19. Oh boy the dreaded whitefly. When I worked at a nursery we got hit by these very bad (after a new shipment of plants & my seedlings were just emerging). It took months and months of daily treating (insecticidal soap, ladybugs and what could be cut back got cut back) to get rid of them. I hope it works good for you – the plants are out in the open elements so I’m sure it won’t be so bad.