William Moss, Master Gardener – Tomato Growing Tips

Master Gardener William Moss provides helpful tips for growing healthy organic tomatoes all season long. Highlights include when to water, how to stake and the benefits of using a rich, organic compost starter. William also provides organic gardening tips on how to handle garden pest control and suggests using Safer® Brand Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer, RTU to keep infestations at bay. For more information on organic tomato growing, visit www.saferbrand.com Tomato & Vegetable Insect Killer, RTU: www.saferbrand.com Ringer® Compost Plus Organic Compost Starter: www.saferbrand.com

6 Responses to “William Moss, Master Gardener – Tomato Growing Tips”

  1. Thanks for nice illustration of how to plant tomatoes based on three golden rules which you have depicted, in this video about support, watering and feeding of tomatoes plant .

  2. Thanks, I followed your advice and my tomatoes are growing like nobody’s business.

  3. Man this guy knows his shiznit!

  4. How me how to grow weeed

  5. great video moss! mmm salsa