Winter Vegetable Garden: Are You Planning For One This Winter?

I’ve had a winter vegetable garden for the last four years here in the Chicago area (zone 5). In this video, I talk about how I started winter gardening and …
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  1. Thanks!


  3. Thanks! I’ll be doing more videos on our fall/winter garden soon. Best of
    luck with your winter garden! Please let me know how it works out for you.

  4. I appreciate how well you organize the information in your videos. Thank
    you! I too live in zone 5 (Vermont) and am using Elliot Coleman’s unheated
    system for the first time this winter. Your summary is great.

  5. Hi Dorothy. I’m glad to hear you are planting a winter garden this year!
    The main purpose of the pipe that connects all the hoops is to keep the
    plastic from collapsing under a heavy snow. It also stabilizes the whole
    structure as you stated. I’d definitely recommend adding this pipe to your

  6. Dorothy cripplewing Reply November 15, 2013 at 10:27 am

    I have planted a winter garden in some new raised beds. I am now in the
    process of putting on the pvc pipe and then covering them. I see you use a
    pipe to connect all the hoops. I am in a windy area would you recommend the
    pipe as a stabilizer? I am in zone 7 here in Canada… Vancouver Island. BC

  7. Thank you! That sounds great. Best wishes on your winter garden.

  8. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed your information-packed video. I’m
    planning to grow carrots, basil, kale, lettuce, garlic, and a range of
    herbs through the winter.

  9. Lol, small world-hermiker diamonds. I live right outside albany in Cohoes,

  10. Thanks! I grew up in upstate NY. Have you heard of Ilion?

  11. I live in zone 5 upstate NY, I should try this- great vid!

  12. It’s great to hear that you are trying a winter garden this year! There
    will no doubt be some trial and error when trying to figure out what works
    in your area. I’m glad you found the video helpful. I hope to chronicle my
    winter garden on video this winter. Please let me know if I you have any
    questions. I’d be happy to answer them.

  13. I’m planting a winter garden for the first time this year. I’m in zone 4a
    (or 4b, depending on who you ask!). I’m a little nervous because it can get
    pretty chilly here, but I’m hoping for the best. Thank you so much for this
    video. I need all the help I can get, and your information is very helpful.

  14. Thanks! Glad to here you’re giving winter gardening another try. I hope you
    have better luck this year.

  15. Thumperlane Homestead Reply November 15, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Hello Oscar!!! Wonderful garden! We will be trying the winter garden for
    the second time. First year was a horrid moldy mess! We are in zone 8b but
    we also live in a rain forest type situation….which is giving us some
    challenges! :-)

  16. Not bad at all. It sounds like you could keep your fall garden going all
    winter if you added a polytunnel. My guess is that broccoli and cabbage
    would make it into January in my cold frame. They make it through the whole
    winter under two layers of protection.

  17. I one had 4 broccoli plants survive from fall, through winter, and into
    spring, and they were left to the elements. I had a continual harvest of
    side shoots for nearly 5 months! Not bad. I love the fall garden. I wonder
    if broccoli and cabbage would survive in your cold frame?

  18. Thanks! One way to look at it is that you can use a polytunnel to extend
    your fall garden an extra few months.

  19. Great video! I’m starting to make progress for the fall, as soon as the
    last of the tomatoes finish off I’ll make sure that the winter garden gets
    under way.

  20. That’s great! Your climate should be perfect for a winter garden, though
    you’ll probably have to be careful to vent your polytunnel or cold frame to
    avoid overheating your crops. I look forward to seeing your winter garden.

  21. Thanks, Elyse. Yes, using the same zoning scale would make a lot of sense.
    I look forward to seeing your videos of your beautiful (but too long)

  22. Good point. I’ll be interested to see what you grow this winter. I’m
    guessing it will be the equivalent of a fall garden for me.

  23. I would think that cold frames inside a hoop house would work in USDA 5b.
    But, of course, you are right – the hoop house would have get enough sun.

  24. My winter garden will be inside too I’m in USDA 5b and I have a hoop house
    and have also read mr. Coleman’s books but without heating the hoop house I
    don’t think this would work for me the soil in there freezes as hard as a
    rock. I guess it isn’t positioned correctly for the very low winter sun. So
    some small scale hydroponics will have to do for me.

  25. I plan on growing in the winter. Based on the weather reports and Farmers
    Alamanac its going to be a cold one for the South. So much rain this year
    and really not all that hot. I haven’t been growing long but excited to see
    what will happen. So nice to go outside and just grab your food. Its an
    amazing feeling.