[YTP] – Iggy Azalea has a thing for horticulture

so fancy. why wasnt this pooped yet? SOURCE Fancy – Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX.

25 Responses to “[YTP] – Iggy Azalea has a thing for horticulture”

  1. First things first: Amaryllis.

  2. this is so inspiring

  3. I’m so saucey XD

  4. I’m screaming at you putting a picture of Azealia Banks and saying she’s
    trash……. When iggy is the definition of trash music.. When iggy azalea
    writes her own music and stops “rapping” in a fake accent then you can
    compare her to Azealia Banks.

  5. The ending blew my mind! It was so good! 10/10

  6. I hate that she’s Australian but raps with a stereotypical African American
    Voice. If you want to be a good rapper rap in your own voice. It just
    upsets me.

  7. LOL! at 1:19 she says: feels so good fucking what i want”

  8. Yey your back <3

  9. 0:09 The whole world fuck me xDD

  10. *cough*

    i love this btw

  11. TotalDrama Elkanos Reply February 8, 2015 at 7:47 am

    Il mio YTP preferito, ogni secondo ridevo con le lacrime come un cretino
    X’D +Alpha 3000 da quel che ho capito la canzone ti piace X’D Oddio muoio
    ogni volta che lo vedo ‘sto video X’D

  12. Died of laugh 1:35 – 1:37

  13. my stomach hurts now because laughed so much … xD

  14. Better than the Original. :D 

  15. i have the weirdest boner right now.

  16. LOL 10/10

  17. Trash the mini bar
    Let’s get drunk on the hotel

  18. Lance Christian De Castro Reply February 8, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Where the f*ck have YOU been? And on Twitter?

  19. TotalDrama Elkanos Reply February 8, 2015 at 11:59 am

    I-G-G-Y ….G-G-Y-Y-Y


  20. you did not just diss Azealia Banks! :O lol jk she needs to release her
    damn album already. Good YTP, “I’m so saucy” was my favourite part. You’ve
    inspired me to pooped this and this song is so damn overplayed.

  21. how do you make these without getting blocked?when i upload even a second
    of these its instant block lol

  22. I Live in Cape Town, South Africa! (Thats were Amarylis’s live)

  23. BTW good beginning it really captures who she is. Haha how to be black. 

  24. *tears* “Said baby I do this I thought that I do this” rofl!

  25. This ytp is soooo funny!