A Beautifully Planted Garden Is Living Art

A Beautifully Planted Garden Is Living Art

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A beautiful garden can be so many things to us all, they can become our private sanctuary to unwind after the stresses of a hectic day, they can also be a place to have fun with family and friends, more importantly a lovely garden is good for the soul, in fact our soul mate.

Creating a garden is like being an artist with a blank canvas in front of you, with your pallet of colour and paintbrush in hand, a creation where you want to express yourself, where you will get the feeling of tranquillity and be happy with your end results.

A beautifully planted garden is living art, with many different colours, and smells, textures that come from garden plants, shrubs, or perennial plants all to arouse our senses. Make your garden come to life before your very eyes just like an artist, with splashes of brilliant colour and textures that you yourself have chosen and blended together to make a wonderful vision of sheer beauty.

People do different things in their gardens, the world over, some just enjoy sitting in a beautiful garden, others are industrious the whole year long planting seeds, or bedding plants, garden bulbs, or creating a lovely display with different hanging basket plants, because lets face it work in a garden is never done, having said that, you also want to relax and sit and gaze at the beauty of a well planned and planted garden, it is your own little retreat.

Blooming Direct at Sion Hall Farm, in the Parish of St. Saviour on the beautiful floral island of Jersey is the answer to all you gardeners our there, with their vast range of every plant imaginable from packets of seeds to plug plants, which will give you a good head start for instant colour and growth, vegetable plants, container plants, perennials, the list goes on and on, also giving you plenty of ideas to use your own creativity and help you place your own stamp on your private sanctuary.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct said “we have made it very easy for the customer to order online, but ifyou do not want to go down this road then just print off your shopping basket list and post it to us, all you need to know about us and what we have on offer is on our website, you will not be disappointed with your visit to the site”, he went on to say “you can browse each category and have fun selecting”.

Blooming Direct’s delivery service is second to none their plants are carefully packed in a blister pack and then placed in a strong cardboard box for posting to you, and a very important point to remember is that you will get free shipping on all orders to the UK.

Gardening can help you to forget about life’s problems and worries, and a nicely designed garden, will make you feel good about your entire home, be proud of what you have created, as your work of beauty is a nature-inspired living space and a glorious addition to the world around you.

For further information visit: http://www.bloomingdirect.com

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