Add Color to the Green, Study Horticulture

Text-only transcript: Study Horticulture: Anna Yeager shares how her degree from the University of Georgia prepared her for her job as a horticulture graduate at Augusta National Golf Club. Graduates from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UGA have many job opportunities in the state of Georgia and throughout the US —- Anna Yeager Descriptive Text for Video The first scene opens with Anna Yeager standing on a golf course. The scene changes to someone pruning flowering plants, planting potted flowers, and watering plants. The next scene shows a greenhouse facility with ground plants growing in neatly planted rows. The scene changes to Anna standing at the Augusta Riverwalk and talking about how she is using her horticulture degree. The image changes to a collection of red flowering plants being watered by a sprinkler system. The next scene shows someone taking care of small plants with red flowers. The scene changes to a large field of turfgrass. The scene returns to Anna standing at the Augusta Riverwalk talking about how she changed degrees when attending college (from an indoor vocation to an outdoor vocation). The scene changes to an outdoor nursery with ordered rows of various plants grown at the nursery. The scene changes to the Arch as Anna talks about enjoying her experience at the University of Georgia. (Note: The Arch is a wrought-iron arch people walk under as they approach the gateway to North