Ardent Gardeners Get Innovative When Planting Garden Plants

Ardent Gardeners Get Innovative When Planting Garden Plants

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Gardening the world over is an all-time favourite pastime and as ardent gardeners get more involved with their gardens the more artistic and innovative they get when planting their garden plants.

Gardeners these days want their gardens to look good all year round, and those that invest a lot of time and effort into this reap the benefits. There are many trains of thought on how to plant a garden, some will put garden plants into some sort of order, while others will just throw in garden seeds and see what comes up.

This time of the year gardeners are busy searching garden centres also the Internet to find what they want, maybe old faithfulls or want to try something new and different. A garden is like a blank canvas, which the gardener will add colour to, and plant splashes of colour to balance up the whole picture.

Garden shrubs are one of the old favourites, and the mainstay of any garden, and there are many beautiful ones out there that will give interest and colour in a garden. Bedding plants can be planted around these shrubs, to give a more back to nature look to a garden.

Containers is a wonderful way of placing colour into a forgotten or drab corner on a patio, or by a front door to give interest, and of course using plants as container plants is so easy simply because you can chop and change what you plant up each season, to give the most delightful show.

Why do we all look after our gardens, one of the biggest reasons is, studies have shown that around 17% of the people surveyed spent money on their gardens in order to increase the value of the property.

The British public spend a heck of a lot of money each and every year on their gardens in fact surveys have shown that this figure is about £4.2 billion year, in making the garden a relaxing space for family and friends, also want to be responsible for encouraging wildlife, of course this has a knock on effect of adding value to the property.

Gardens play a huge role and have a great impact on the selling of a property, and of course a beautifully planted front garden is a prime factor that will attract buyers to a street. Property is currently in recession, and those seeking to put their house on the market are aware of this, thus they want to make their property stand out from the rest, making the gardens of prime importance.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct a family run horticultural business on the beautiful island of Jersey said “the choice of colour in a garden changes the mood of the garden and those who view it. Plants in spring are full of yellow, white, blue, when all the bulbs push their heads above ground, summer is full of reds, oranges, pinks, and autumn is full of rich yellows, reds and golds, gardeners usually buy trays of plug plants and go wild with planting to maximum capacity to make an impact throughout the year”. He went on to say “if you want your house to be noticed pack it with colour in the garden, it will certainly put it on the map”.

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