Containers for Indoor Vegetable Garden

Containers for Indoor Vegetable Garden

Article by Kay Wu

The greatest advantage of indoor gardening is not having to own a yard just to grow plants. You can use whatever free room you have at home, no matter how little, to grow your plants. However, investing on garden containers or pots will help you use your available space more effectively. Most importantly, it will help you grow your plants healthily.

Indoor vegetable gardening is highly suggested to those who dream of having their own garden in the urban areas. In such places, yards are almost impossible. Despite the shortage of garden areas, growing vegetables and other plants are still possible though. The secret is buying enough pots.

Container gardening is not a new trend. This is the reason why finding the right pots for whatever vegetable plant selection you have “is” and “will” never be a problem. The primary requirement in buying containers for your plants is the size.

Veggies have various necessities to supplement their healthy growth. Some varieties would not grow properly in low- surfaced jars or pots. In the contrary, there are also vegetables that should be grown in shallow containers. Herbs are examples of these plants.

Buying the wrong pot for your plant will lead to a poor crop. For example, low-surfaced pots cannot sustain the growth of a radish because of its fruits. Using this kind of container for this plant can either explode the planter, or cause abnormality to the shape of the fruit.

The holes under the planters are also influential factors to the growth of the plant. Soils that are too damp are not always good for the plants. Thus, it is important to create drainage. If you plan to recycle the cans (or plastic jars) in your house and use them as pots, don’t forget to pinch holes under them.

Naturally, growing some bushes in the house doesn’t always improve the look of it. To match indoor garden with theme of your house, be picky with your pot selections. Indoor vegetables container can also be fun and stylish. Ceramic pots, for example, are molded into different shapes. They are also furnished with different colors. Hand painting them or doing some stencils would also improve their looks.

There are glass pots, too. They are the latest addition to the selection of container gardening. You can browse various catalogs and sites to find pots that would match your taste and your home decoration.

Regular cutting or pinching of leaves would also help you maintain the looks of your house. Avoid growing your plants to high unless necessary.

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