Find Out How To Save Tomato Seeds

Find Out How To Save Tomato Seeds

Article by Gary Caine

Do you want to know save tomato seedshow to from this this crop so that you can start tomatoes from seed next year? save tomato seedsSaving tomato seeds is a simple enough process, but it can get a bit messy.

Choose your best tomatoes for your seed. You want your seed to have the best generics in order to get the best crop possible.

In nature tomatoes fall off the plant and start to rot and ferment, thus releasing the seed from the gel that prevents it from germinating in the tomato. We are going to speed up this process.

Obviously the first thing we need to do is to get the seed out of the tomato. You will find it easier if you cut the tomato in half with the stem on one side and what was the blossom on the other.

Scoop out the pulp and seeds into a clean bowl or jar.

If the seeds aren’t floating in liquid add just enough water to get them to do so.

If you cover your container with cheese cloth it will keep out the fruit flies and may help to keep down the odor of the fermenting liquid. Find a warm spot like a window sill, or on top of the fridge and leave it sit for two to four days.

Once you see a layer of mold on the top and the good seeds sunk to the bottom the fermentation process is complete.

It helps to skim off the layer of mold to make separating the seeds easier, but it isn’t necessary. Add water and shake vigorously. The good seeds will sink to the bottom, and the duds will float.

Pour the scum and bad seeds out, and repeat the process until all you have left are the good seeds on the bottom.

There will still be some pulp left. Remove it by placing your seeds in a sieve and rinsing them off under cold, running water.

Get a plate or baking sheet and spread your seeds out in it. Put them in a warm dry place and leave them until they are completely dry.

Some people store their seeds in plastic bags, but they run the risk of retaining any moisture that may be left in the seeds. I believe it’s better to put them in an envelope and store them in a cool dry location.

Now that you know save tomato seeds you can select your best couple of tomatoes and try your hand at saving tomato seeds for next year when you want to grow tomatoes from seeds that you have grown and saved yourself.

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