Gardening for Dummies: What Kind of Gardens to Grow?

Gardening for Dummies: What Kind of Gardens to Grow?

Article by Hal Christian

Gardening is not just a pleasurable hobby. Its benefits extend from beautification to livelihood. There are a wide variety of plants to choose from when you decide to have your venture in gardening. But first you have to clear your purpose. Why are would you want to create a garden aside from the reason that you would like to start a hobby? Is it for aesthetics? Is it to earn? After coming up with your purpose, another question comes up. What plants will you grow? To help you decide, below are three of the most common garden classifications for your gardening endeavors:

Annual Plants Gardening. Annual plants life lasts annually but it doesn’t really mean that every year you need to grow another set of plants for your garden. Many annual plants reseed themselves. So after the flower fades and die another sprout may grow. But there are also some who do not reseed. In this case you need to grow another set for your garden. This is good for those who want to redesign and redecorate there garden with different kind of plants every year.Annual plants create a great display of summer color in your garden.

Perennial Plants Gardening. Perennial plants are constant and grow until they reach pure maturity usually three to four years or more. But from the word perennial itself these plants are almost permanent. They can grow either from seeds or cuttings. These plants are best for those who wish to have a constant look of their gardens.

Both perennial and annual plants can be flowering plants, shrubs and evergreen trees. They are basically the same in the way of planting and in proper planting zones. However perennials, since they can be permanent, need more complete ground with great soil, water and sun requirements, propagation methods and the likes.

Vegetable Garden. Vegetable plants are good for those who have the purpose of growing foods and earning while enjoying the hobby at the same time. You can grow fruits and vegetable in a vegetable garden. And when they start to bear you can harvest them and enjoy their bounty or sell them to earn.

Vegetables and fruits can also be perennial and annual. Like other plants they need complete planting zone requirement. However, growing a vegetable garden can be a little technical since you really need to go through proper row spacing and proper tending.Now you can decide which is which. Will you have a perennial garden? How about annual or vegetable garden? You chose. The catch there is, to maintain a good garden you should treat it with good tending–see how your plants grow and reap the benefits they will give.

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