Guide to Growing Tomatoes

Guide to Growing Tomatoes

Article by Cedric Loiselle

Making the right choice with vegetable seeds is important for farmers and vegetable growers. Each type of vegetable plant comes in different varieties. Each one comes with a different type of seed. There are types that grow in a particular climate. You should ask your dealer about the type of seeds that would grow best in your area. The type of soil and climate are the major factors that should be considered when choosing seeds.

If you want to grow tomatoes keep in mind that there are different kinds, each producing distinctive tomatoes. Different types of tomatoes look and taste different. Cultivation of tomato is fairly easy if you know the basics. During the growing season, you may have to watch out for diseases. There are seeds nowadays that are made to be resistant to diseases.

Keep in mind that tomatoes choose a specific type of weather. They grow in warm climates, and are easily damaged by cold weather. Hence, they should only be grown during the frost-free season. As a careful gardener, you have to take note of your area’s climate before buying tomato seeds. If you are a beginner, you should check the hardiness zone map provided by the Department of Agriculture (USDA). Check certain varieties that would grow best in your area. Go for strong seeds.

The growth of tomatoes also depends on the type of soil, as stated earlier. The quality of the produce also depends largely on the soil. Rich soils result in good crops. You can always inquire about suitable fertilizers to use on the area where you intend to plant tomatoes. Also, mulch will improve the quality of your soil. Compost such as mulch can effectively be used to keep the moisture from evaporating too fast.

It has been mentioned previously above that choosing the right type of tomato is important. If you live in dry areas, choose tomato seeds that are resistant to drought. When you shop for seeds, check the packaging for the drought resistant labeling or you could ask the dealer specifically for drought resistant ones.

If you do not plan to take out the seeds to an open field, you should probably choose the roma variety, which can be grown best in containers. This tomato variety may grow only about 2 feet tall. The roma or the grape variety does not grow too much as well. Those who have a considerable garden space can plant the Park’s whopper variety, which can grow taller than the roma one. It was mentioned earlier that a variety of tomato yields are produced with a unique appearance and taste. Tomato growers choose the type of tomato depending on their purpose. Large ones are good for sandwiches, while roma ones are used in making tomato sauce. Grape tomatoes, on the other hand, are good for salads.

Aside from choosing the right kind, you should also know how to nurture your tomato plants until the harvest time. Growing conditions should be well controlled. Tomatoes love lots of sunlight and warmth. Make sure the soil is warm before you plant the seeds. They should be spaced properly and evenly so that they could grow well. They also need to be monitored regularly. Inspect the plants daily for signs of disease.

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