Herb Garden How To

Herb Garden How To

Article by Pat McTigue

There really isn’t a huge difference between summer indoor herb gardens and winter indoor herb gardens. The thing you’ll need is a little herb garden how to. Learning to grow an herb garden is not a difficult thing and doesn’t require a college degree. You simply need the basic know how, perhaps a few tips and suggestions, the stuff to get started, and you are set to go. Winter herb growing is just as easy as growing in the summer except that you will have to remember a few more tips to keep your little plants vibrant and healthy.

Although the fresh outdoor air is preferable to the herbs than stuffy indoor winter air, it is possible to trick the little plants into thinking that they’re enjoying growing in the peak of summer. You will need some herb garden how to in order to really get going, but with persistence you will eventually reap the rewards of your efforts. A good tip to remember is that not all herbs thrive indoors. Among the best that do, however, are parsley, rosemary, mint, oregano, chives, garlic, and thyme. Also, something to remember in order to be successful is that basil and dill should be started from seeds but mint and rosemary should be rooted from cuttings. Remember, basil loves heat and sun, so it is going to need a lot of warmth and light.

Most herbs require six hours of sunlight, so a southern facing window sill is often best for your winter garden. It never hurts to put them under an artificial grow light for optimal growth. Do some research on each of the herbs themselves and learn what they require and prefer. In your quest to learn about herb garden how to, research pH and soil requirements, as well as watering needs. Other good things to research are possible pest issues, where to find seeds and supplies, and the use of hydroponics.

Get the herb garden how to you need and it won’t be long until you are at that time when you can go into your kitchen on a cold, wintry day and cook a hot meal with live fresh herbs. Start now and be surprised how quickly time will pass and you will be enjoying the benefits of your efforts.

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