How and Why to Set Up a Thriving Organic Vegetable Garden

How and Why to Set Up a Thriving Organic Vegetable Garden

Article by Steinharter Bierly

It wasn’t so long ago that organic vegetable gardening was a rare thing and people saw the practice as a little weird. These days, though, people all over the place are eager to start their own gardens and for all sorts of reasons. If you are in this category, you’ll be able to use this article to help you gain as much as possible from the organic vegetable garden that you plant for yourself.

Crop rotation is a very important aspect of gardening, especially if you are going to grow organic vegetables. All rotating your garden means is that each year that you plant, simply reverse or change the position of where you plant the seeds. The main reason you want to do this is to stop diseases from spreading. When you rotate your vegetables, you don’t give the organisms, from microscopic ones to insects, that cause diseases a chance to find a permanent home. To prevent your ground from being depleted of nutrients, crop rotation is what makes this possible. Since different plants use different nutrients, rotation will keep the soil fertile. Crop rotation, in essence, is what allows your vegetables to grow tall and strong each and every year.

Much of your success with gardening comes down to timing, such as when you actually do your planting. This varies depending on which vegetables you have and your local climate and weather conditions. First of all, be sure that there won’t be any more frosts before you plant your garden, or you may have to start all over again from scratch.

You can often get good advice at your nearby garden center if you have questions about planting that are specific to your area. Different vegetables will do better when planted in different seasons, and you want to work in harmony with nature rather than against it in this area.

Outdoor vegetable planting in the winter isn’t an option but you do have the option of planting them inside. There are kits available both online and at garden centers that contain containers, soil mix, a watering device and even a fluorescent grow light to help you get a head start on the garden that you want to plant. In the spring you can move it all to your outdoor garden. This method helps your plants grow faster than they would have if you had planted them outdoors in the spring. This keeps you from having to wait for warm weather to get started and allows you to enjoy gardening all year long.

There is now quite a bit of interest in organic vegetable gardening, as more people want to eat a healthier diet and also save money. The idea of growing your own food now seems like common sense. That’s why many people feel more secure by having their own garden, apart from any other advantages it brings them. Organic vegetable gardening is also something the whole family can take part in, and it gives you a chance to spend some time outdoors.

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