How To Make A Vegetable Garden

How To Make A Vegetable Garden

Article by James Crocker

Here’s a great way to cut down on that dreaded weeding in a vegetable garden:

1. Rototill the area that you want to use for your garden. This would also be a good time to add good garden soil or compost to the garden area. If you choose to enrich the garden area with compost or store-bought garden soil, you will want to rototill that into the ground before moving to the next step.

2. Lay down landscaping fabric over the garden area and and cut it to fit the size and shape of the garden space. Make sure that there is at least 3 inches of overlapping fabric when the space requires more than one width of fabric. Stake down the landscaping fabric with appropriate stakes or landscaping staples.

3. Make slits in the fabric and plant you vegetable plants with a utility knife. Make sure to leave at least 18-24 inches between plants. You should also keep in mind the direction of the sun and the size that the plants will develop to. Plant the larger plants, like tomatoes in the back, and smaller plants, like peppers in the front. This is so all plants will receive adequate sunlight.

***Please note: At this point, you cannot leave the plants like this for a day or two, as the fabric will get very hot and cook your baby plants. If there is not enough time to do this all in one day, stop after step #2, and finish on another day.***

4. Cover garden area with cedar or other wood mulch. The mulch will keep moisture in the ground longer than without and will require less water. Mulch is also great because it deters weeds from growing. Any wees that do grow will be on top of the fabric and will be very easy to pull. There is no more need to hoe the rows of the garden.

5. In general, vegetable plants like it sunny and hot as long as they are watered regularly. Water at least once every other day in the heat of the summer (unless there has been a lot of rain). Make sure to water the plants in the cool of the evening or early in the morning, since watering during the heat of the day will create steam and cook the plants.

6. Fertilize with Miracle-Gro plant food or other fertilizer once per month or as recommended on the package.

All that is left is to harvest those veggies as the grow. Happy gardening.

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