Perfection in the Garden

Perfection in the Garden

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A true gardener will seek to achieve perfection in the garden as gardening is in his or her blood and, like any perfectionist, they will do everything from scratch and take time to make sure everything is done in the correct stages.

Gardening is enjoyed by everyone, and everyone has their own way of doing things, some will want to achieve an ‘instant’ display of colour, and will buy bedding plants, in plug plant format to arrange in beds and see the garden flourish quickly, while others will want to grow everything from seed.

Growing plants from seed is one of the most economical ways to add plants to your garden, and a very popular method is growing garden seeds indoors, but an alternative to this also used by ardent gardeners, is direct sowing which is a method that sows the seed right in the garden.

This method needs no special equipment and there are no pots to mess with and it also means that you can skip the transplanting stage, which can be a shock to the young plant. Of course direct sowing is not fool-proof and does not even suit some plants such as tomatoes or peppers, which do require very specific germination conditions and are best started indoors.

The whims of weather and local wildlife will always take a negative hand in direct planting, but you can have very healthy vegetable plants, herbs, annuals, and perennial plants if you take precautions with the planting.

Always follow the seed packet instructions for planting, depth and spacing, and the general rule for planting garden seeds is that they should be planted three times as deep as the diameter of the seed, but you will often find that seeds will germinate regardless of soil depth.

Other important things to remember when direct planting is not to blast it with the hose or you will either wash your seeds out of the bed or mess up the spacing, a ‘rose’ fitting on a watering can will give a gentle flow of water exactly where you need it, also do not forget to mark where you have planted the seeds, this is done for a couple of important reasons, one, it will prevent you from mistakenly pulling out what you thought were weeds, two, it will also allow you to keep a close tab on how things are coming along.

Gardening is all about enjoyment and a great end result such as producing either vegetables or beautiful blooms to enjoy, and although some will want to use garden seeds and start from scratch, others will plant garden bulbs, and use all sorts of varieties as hanging basket plants, some will plant shrubs, trees, not forgetting the English lavender plants, which have always been a hot favourite.

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