Practical Tips For Growing Tomatoes in Pots

Practical Tips For Growing Tomatoes in Pots

Article by Stella Dawson

Tomato plants have always been popular among vegetable gardening hobbyists and this seems like a universal trend. What makes planting tomatoes so appealing to vegetable gardeners? Perhaps, it is the ease of growing tomatoes that is attractive. Perhaps, the bright color of the tomatoes could be a draw too. Most people would agree that bright colors always look cheerful and brighten up one’s day. In case you are not aware, tomatoes come in many shades of colors – yellow, green, red, white and even purple!

If salad is your favorite food, it would be a marvellous idea to plant your own tomato plants so they can be available all year round. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment. Tomatoes can be planted in containers and pots too. Here in this article, we will share some gardening secrets and what it takes to gettng started in growing tomatoes in pots.

Tips for growing tomatoes in pots

Firstly, decide on the variety of tomato you want to grow. The dwarf varieties by and large grow better in containers. But, if you want to grow full-size tomatoes, go for the determinate variety, which is more compact and manageable.

Here are the items you need to buy to get started with growing tomatoes in pots:

1. Container / pots2. Tomato plant3. Gravel4. Potting soil5. Fertilizer6. Compost

Purchasing a containerBigger pots are required for growing tomatoes because the roots of the tomato plant grow wide. Generous space is needed for the tomato plant to establish a strong and robust root system. As a general guideline, you should get pots with diameter of minimum 12 cm. On top of that, you need to check for ample drainage holes on the pot to make certain adequate drainage for your plants.

Planting your tomato plantBefore you fill up the pot with soil potting mix, fill it with a few inches of gravel first to aid promote drainage. Next, add the potting soil till it covers about half of the pot. Place your tomato plant inside and cover with the rest of the soil and fertilizers. Set aside about 2 inches from the edge of the pot for putting compost.

Finish off with laying the compost over the soil. Perlite may be added to the compost to help in moisture and air retention, which helps in root development. Add fertilizers once every 2-4 weeks.

Put your tomato plant at a location where it is able to get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Water your tomato plant often since they require an inch of water per week. Inadequate water will result in your tomatoes having split or cracked skin. It can also cause blossom-end rotting if there is inadequate water. Remember to water your tomato plant from below; you can put your pots on a saucer or tray.

If you want to insert growing supports for your tomato plants, do it at the planting stage when the roots will not be bothered. You can either place a cage or poles to support the plant and maintain cleanliness of the fruits.

ConclusionGrowing tomatoes in pots is fun and rewarding in terms of the harvest and nutritional benefits. Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the risk of having cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Tomatoes are also good sources of phytochemicals, fiber, vitamins A, B and C. So, what are you waiting for? Start growing your tomatoes today and reap the wonderful benefits of tomatoes!

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