Raised Soil Beds For Your Next Garden

Raised Soil Beds For Your Next Garden

Article by Sam Adams

Do you remember when you were a child and the garden your grandparents had in their backyard? It probably had straight, long, narrow rows with a fairly large well packed walking space in between each row. Then, your parents garden probably consisted of a few potted tomato plants and a small box of herbs growing in the kitchen window.

Today try thinking of gardening in a different way. Start thinking about wider, deeper, raised soil beds. You’ll see a big difference in the size of your vegetables when you use this process. You’ll also see the plants in your garden grow larger and produce more delicious vegetables. Not only will you see great results, you will be giving your plants the room for their roots to reach out and absorb all the nutrients available in your raised soil beds.

When preparing your soil for next years spring garden, think wider and deeper. Till your garden soil about 3 feet deep. This will give you the correct depth for a more successful garden. Try to till your garden spot in early to mid fall on a warm dry day. Then, allow the soil to breakdown and rest for the winter.

Approximately 2 weeks before you want to plant your garden, till the soil under again adding in the appropriate amount of fertilizer. Now when it’s time to plant, all you have to do is make your mounded beds and add your seeds.

The best size for your mounded bed should be approximately 4′ x 4′ and your mounds should be about 1 foot above the surface of the ground. When you make your garden this size, you should plant your vegetables together in a diamond shaped pattern allowing them plenty of space to grow. This planting pattern will allow your plants to get an adequate amount of sunlight. Also, the 1 foot high mound will improve water run-off for your plants and help prevent weeds from growing.

This method of gardening improves drainage and helps keep necessary moisture in the soil. This in turn will yield bigger and more flavorful vegetables from your garden.

So, when you’re planning next spring’s garden consider using the wider, deeper, raised soil bed method and watch your vegetable garden flourish and thrive.

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