Significance and Processes Involved In Agricultural Seed Production

Significance and Processes Involved In Agricultural Seed Production

Article by Vaiv Jais

Seed is one of the most important and critical input for agricultural production. The agricultural output depends on the quality of seeds used for cultivation purposes. The agro industry in India has witnessed significant developments in the past thirty years. The government has taken several initiative steps to augment the development of the industry in India. One of the major developments in the Indian agro industry is the introduction of New Seed Development Policy. With the introduction of this policy, the Indian farmers gained access to some of the best seed products in the world. This has further initiated new investments from private organizations and MNCs to conduct product development researches on various hybrid cereal and vegetable seeds. Production of Onion Seeds Different types of vegetable and cereal seeds are produced in the country with the use of technologically advanced methods. Onion is one of the most widely used vegetable crops with huge demand in both national and international markets. The need for quality onion seeds is quite essential to improve the production of this valuable and essential vegetable. The productivity of onion is much lower in India as compared to America due to the unavailability of quality raw agro materials. Most of the demand for seeds is met by private companies or other organizations. It is quite essential to use advanced technological methods to improve the quality of seeds produced in the country. This will further help to increase the overall productivity and quality of vegetables. Different varieties of onion seeds are available in the Indian and international markets. There are mainly three varieties of onions which include yellow, red and white. Seeds of these varieties are easily available these days at limited price rates. Hybrid seeds are used to cultivate good quality vegetables. Various types of vegetable and fruit seeds can be bought from online stores at reasonable price rates. Processes Involved There are a number of seed manufacturers and suppliers that ensure quality production of seeds for better crop production. The seeds are harvested using technologically advanced methods to ensure quality products. The seeds which are harvested for commercial uses are processed, packaged and shipped to different parts of the world. Both assurance and quality control tests are conducted on the seeds before it is processed and packaged. All the seeds which are harvested are subject to quality control tests to ensure that only the best quality seeds are marketed and exported to various countries around the world. The different seed processing steps involve cleaning of the seeds, drying, moisture content determination, quality control tests and packaging of the seeds. In the process of cleaning, seeds are segregated from debris, inert materials, contaminated and so forth. The entire cleaning process involves threshing, cleaning, visual inspection, final cleaning and quality control tests. The next step involves drying of the seeds to reduce its moisture content. The seeds are then packaged after conducting several quality control tests.

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