Special Report on Chinas Vegetable Seed Industry

Special Report on Chinas Vegetable Seed Industry

Article by Sumitra D. Gharat

Bharatbook.com is proud to announce the new report “Special Report on Chinas Vegetable Seed Industry” (http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=72254).

Background of the Research: Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant Limited is a specialized agricultural consultancy firm. Ever since its founding, It has strictly adhered to the criteria and standardized operation practice by international agricultural consultancy businesses, dedicated to informational services in agriculture, market research and business studies, providing our clients with specialized, in-depth strategic and tactical consultancy services. In the past eight years, It has successfully served domestic and overseas clients, including world famous agricultural business, comprehensive business chambers, financial investment institutions, agricultural and related bodies, embassies and large-scale domestic agricultural enterprises, with our multi-field, multi-layered services. Many of our clients are leading enterprises in various fields of agriculture. 30 out of the world top 500 enterprises are regular subscribers of the information products of It. Seeds of agricultural products are the most important agricultural production material at the upper reaches of the production chain of agricultural products. Quality seeds play an important role in increasing the agricultural output and improving product quality. Seed industry commands the leadership of agricultural competition. Nowadays, all countries are stepping up their efforts in seed science and technology research, promoting the development of the seed industry, and making it an important measure for agricultural development through government intervention. China is an important agricultural country. The annual seed usage amounts to over 12 billion kg. Market capacity for seeds in 2006 should exceed 30 billion RMB yuan. The huge market potential has made China’s seed industry an ever-important focus of attention of capital investors. High gross profit rate, sparse competition, numerous small-scale enterprises …#34; these are the important features of China’s seed industry. Key factors impacting on the agricultural product seed market are technology and policy, which also have profound influence on the seed industry as a high-tech industry. Great returns, enormous market, technological and policy barriers …#34; these have made the seed industry an eye-catching sub-industry in the agriculture sector. With the penetration of foreign capitals, the enormous merger opportunities in this industry will gradually materialize. So, what is the status quo of the products of the seed market, enterprises and the policies? What has led to the current industrial pattern and what will the seed industry head for in the future? It has invited experts of the seed market, technological experts and financial experts to an in-depth analysis of the entire industrial market, enterprises, policies, and other sectors of the industrial chain in an accurate, objective, overall and systematic manner. The analysis has given a comprehensive and detailed portrayal of the current status of China’s seed market and has given out professional viewpoints as to the future trends of the seed market in China for the reference of clients. This report falls basically into four parts. Part one introduces mainly the overall status of China’s seed market. Part two centers on the analysis of the market distribution of key seed varieties in China. Part three provides professional research conclusions and recommendations. Part four provides plenty of important enterprise studies and financial analysis, which are also found in part two. The abundant exclusive, authoritative data sets and pictures in the report also serve as great basic materials for studying China’s seed market. This report is a precious special research report for domestic and overseas industrial investors, strategic investors, financial investors who pay great attention to China’s seed industry. It also provides great reference for the seed and related industrial magnates, research institutions, investment banks, foundations, stock agencies to get insights into the dynamic status of China’s seed industry, and serves as an important tool for decision-making for them to capture the future trends and investment opportunities therein.

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