Starting a Vegetable Garden From Scratch – The Most Beginner-Friendly Way

Starting a Vegetable Garden From Scratch – The Most Beginner-Friendly Way

Article by Rob Ethrington

Starting a vegetable garden from scratch is highly laborious. I mean setting it up is one thing, but growing fresh and tasty organic vegetables requires a lot of crazy hard work.

Some of the things you need to do include watering, fertilizing, digging, repelling pests, taking out the weeds, digging…

Oh and you also have to perform crop rotation, resting the beds and planting the winter crops. Like I said, starting a vegetable garden from scratch involves a lot of “crazy hard work”.

But, there is a simple solution though…

A solution based on solid scientific principles and if followed in the correct manner, will help you develop an organic vegetable garden unlike any other.

Look, how would you like to have a low-maintenance organic vegetable garden that yields far more food than a regular vegetable garden?

And that’s not all…the maintenance requirement is so low, that you absolutely do not need to perform all those highly exhausting tasks that are normally associated with traditional gardening.

Want to know what the solution is? Two words: ecological gardening. This powerful gardening method mimics nature thus effectively making your garden appear as if it is a living, breathing ecosystem.

Believe me; starting a vegetable garden from scratch is so much easier and fun if you follow the ecological gardening principles. In ecological gardening, you’re required to fill the niche space in your garden by planting a diverse range of edible plants.

Succession layering of plants (like we see in natural ecosystems) will not only prevent weeds from growing, it will also prevent pests from destroying your crops. Yes, it naturally repels pest so you absolutely do not need to spray pesticides!

The ecological gardening method also rules out the need for rotating crops, resting beds etc. You see, this method handles soil management naturally therefore enhancing the fertility and structure of soil each and every year.

And another reason why I love ecological gardening is that it makes automatic regeneration possible thanks to self-seeding.

It allows dormant seeds to develop naturally, and the result is that empty niche spaces are occupied automatically thus allowing no room for weeds to grow.

By the way, starting a vegetable garden from scratch using ecological principles has become much easier because video tutorials, with printable guides on setting it up is available on the internet.

Follow this link for video and printable guide download details:
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