The Information You Need for Growing Tomatoes

The Information You Need for Growing Tomatoes

Article by Adam Bradley

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Technically, it’s a fruit that has become popular as part of a vegetable garden. Growing tomatoes for some are as much a hobby as a source of food.Perfect vine ripened tomatoes is what every gardener hopes and prays for. During the early years, tomatoes were thought to be poisonous. Now, they have become one of the most popular plants in every vegetable garden and a staple ingredient in our kitchens. Tomatoes have thousands of varieties. Most tomatoes are round, tasty and juicy red fruits. Growing perfect tomatoes has been the goal of every gardener.

Tomatoes are pulp and tangy fruits. Tomatoes belong to the Solanaceae or nightshade family of fruits and vegetables along with peppers, potatoes and eggplants. Tomato leaves are poisonous but the fruit is safe. The leaves of the tomato plant actually contain glycoalkaloids, a substance that is poisonous to humans. The leaves are hairy and sticky and can leave a yellow green stain on clothes and hands.

How to Grow Perfect Tomatoes:Growing perfect tomatoes starts upon choosing the right seeds that are fit and appropriate for the different factors that are present in the environment. There is a wide array of varieties of tomatoes and it is not always easy to pick the right variety that is right for your area. Some of the important considerations are the climate, as some varieties do better in hot weather and some do better in colder temperatures; soil type and availability of water are also prime considerations. A very important factor that should be considered are other animals in the area and the location of the garden!

Tomatoes grow best in rich soil that is slightly wet and acidic. Tomatoes require several months to grow to their maturity and they do not grow very well in chilly climates. Patience is very important in growing tomatoes. Tomatoes are like babies that need utmost care and protection from all agents that can harm them. Tomatoes are vines and they cannot support themselves in order to grow upright, especially when they bear heavy fruit that weighs them down. You can let your tomato plant sprawl on the ground; however, it will take up more space in the garden and will be more prone to pests and diseases. It is best to stake the plant upright.

Maintaining Your Tomatoes:Maintaining your plants refers to the duties necessary in order for your plants to grow properly. The maintenance must be performed as a routine to avoid problems with the plants as they grow. Listed are some of the duties necessary in order to maintain a healthy tomato plant.

*Water them everyday – Every plant needs water. It is important that tomatoes have a wet soil throughout the season. Tomatoes are waterous plants and they need more water than other plants. Try to avoid drought as it will cause the wilting of your tomato plant.

*Prune them at least twice a month – Some varieties of tomatoes need pruning and some do not. However, pruning will let you take out those suckers while they are still small and not yet harming your plant.

*Feed the plant with fertilizer – It is best to plant a tomato in a rich soil enriched with compost. This will help your plant to be healthy. You can also add some industrial/ commercial fertilizer if your soil is on the poor side. However, do not overdo it as you may burn the roots of your plant. Organic fertilizer is still best for your plant as it can do no harm even if applied in large quantities.

Tomatoes are an important ingredient in many dishes and are at their best when they are vine ripe. Following the aforementioned tips will ensure that you will grow the perfect and best-tasting tomatoes!

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