Vegetable Garden Plans – The #1 Plan for Setting up a Desirable Organic Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Plans – The #1 Plan for Setting up a Desirable Organic Vegetable Garden

Article by Rob Ethrington

You know, vegetable garden plans are easy to find on the internet, but the problem is they are not presented in an easy to follow, step-by-step fashion.

I’ve plodded various gardening websites in search for tips or perhaps a blueprint for building my own vegetable garden in a beginner-friendly way.

Alas, most information I found online are somewhat vague and they are more focused on traditional gardening approach.

You see, I’m not interested in traditional vegetable gardening methods because they require too much work. I was actually looking for a few organic vegetable garden plans that follow the micro-ecosystem approach.

Why micro-ecosystem approach?

Well, this approach requires very little maintenance. You basically set up an organic vegetable garden that grows more food than traditional gardening…and you don’t have to work hard to maintain it.

So indeed, this is definitely one of the best organic vegetable garden plans as you no longer have to conduct pest management, crop rotation and utilizing shovels and hoes to turn the soil!

Here’s a very basic plan on how to setup an effective micro-ecosystem organic vegetable garden…

First, lay out the pathways in a manner where you do not need to set foot on your garden beds ever again. Next, develop a decent composting method and lay it on the soil surface. Now all you have to do is plant your vegetables in a tight, compact fashion.

Basically, you need to plant a wide array of plants within a specific niche area. Also do allow some plants to go to seed.

Now, let’s say you’re staying in a unit. How do you set it up? No problem. There are a few ecological organic vegetable garden plans suitable for people residing in a unit or townhouse.

The best one is to develop a mini ecological garden thru the use of several polystyrene foam boxes or containers. Throw in some solid potting mix and arrange them closely. Try to fit as many as possible onto your patio.

Anyway, if you want to download easy to follow videos plus printable guide instructions on a few ecological organic vegetable garden plans ; just click this link to go to

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