Why Heirloom Vegetable Seeds and Heirloom Vegetables are essential

Why Heirloom Vegetable Seeds and Heirloom Vegetables are essential

Article by Town Sweatman

What should be the exact definition in the word heirloom to describe heirloom plants and heirloom seeds has become a topic for fierce debate.

Some experts place an age or date point around the plants. For instance, some say the plant should be more than one hundred many years old, other people 50 years, and yet others prefer the date of 1945 which is estimated to much more or less be the beginning of widespread hybrid use by growers and seed companies.

There are lots of gardeners who use 1951 as a cutoff point, meaning that they consider it to become the latest year a plant can have originated and still be classified as an heirloom. The reason for this really is that that specific 12 months marked the widespread introduction in the 1st hybrid types. It wasn’t till the 1970s that hybrid seeds started to be discovered increasingly more within the industrial seed trade. Some heirloom plants, nevertheless, are significantly older, and some are really believed to be pre-historic.

There is an additional category of heirloom plants that may be classified as “commercial heirlooms.” These plants were launched numerous generations ago and, becoming considered worth preserving for numerous factors, had been saved, maintained and handed down, even if the seed business went out of business or dropped the line. And 1 last point, numerous outdated industrial releases have actually been loved ones heirlooms that a seed business obtained and established as their very own.

What Everyone Agrees On

Whatever a person’s particular interpretation might be, most authorities agree that true heirlooms, must be open pollinated. What this means is that in the event the seeds produced from the plant are saved, they will produce exactly the same selection year after 12 months. This is not possible to complete with hybrids, which are a cross between two separate types, because the seed produced will either be sterile, or start to revert back towards the characteristics in the parent plants.

The above mentioned heirlooms may also include open pollinated varieties that were bred and stabilized utilizing classic breeding practices. No genetically modified plants or seeds may be regarded as heirloom plants or heirloom seeds.


In general, most gardeners do agree that heirloom types should be at least 50 many years outdated. Which leads us to an interesting question. What about a selection that’s 48 or 49 many years outdated? Ought to it be kept out of this group merely because it is a year or two shy in the mark? And what if you’re dealing with an improved selection of an old preferred? Does that still qualify as an heirloom or not?

Also, in an ongoing argument, numerous gardeners think it’s essential for there to be some background behind the selection, like an fascinating story around the variety’s creation and its introduction, etc. However, there are a few seeds the early background of that is unknown. Which brings us towards the question, should these seeds be eradicated in the group? There’s a lot to think about.

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