Why Organic Vegetable Gardening Should be a Priority in Every Household

Why Organic Vegetable Gardening Should be a Priority in Every Household

Article by Gracie Canfield

The next time that you visit the grocery store, make sure to take at close look at the produce section. It is phenomenal. I simply adore strolling through the vibrant rows of different shapes and textures. The displays appeal to each one of my senses, entreating me to at last grab my wallet and start shopping.

Unknown to most consumers however, is the true state of this glorious looking produce. It is laden with chemical contaminants that can be the root cause of numerous ailments and illnesses. This is merely one reason why people should stop consuming produce that has been purchased from the store and start growing their own fruits and vegetables instead.

Five Reasons To Get Interested In Organic Vegetable Gardening

1. Organic vegetable gardening is a very effective way to save considerable amounts of money. If your organic garden is properly laid out at its inception, it can become a prolific and self-sustaining food source for many years to come. How this happens is simple; once you have structured your garden nature can do the rest. It is not necessary to treat your garden with costly chemicals in order to grow robust and healthy plants. Harvesting your produce is absolutely free.

2. As stated before, with organic vegetable gardening you do not have to worry about introducing toxic chemicals into your body. These are basically poisons that over time can have a considerable impact on human health. With organic produce in your diet, however, you can get high volumes of concentrated minerals and nutrients that mass-production is often responsible for leeching out. You are essentially guaranteed to feel better.

3. Garden-grown vegetables are far superior in both taste and texture to produce that is purchased from the local store. While the tomatoes at your local grocery market are shiny and red, they can sometimes taste a bit bland. The same is true of all fruits and vegetables. I noticed that I consumed far less salt once I began growing my own organic vegetables. Salt had been used as a flavor enhancer and was no longer needed.

4. Starting a garden and seeing it begin to produce is an extremely therapeutic and reward process. It is calming and relaxing to the spirit. Gardening restores the connection between man and nature. Most people have gotten out of contact with nature within the past several decades and restoring this connection becomes possible and easy to do with gardening.

5) Organic vegetable gardening is a green activity is actually good for the earth. The effect of everyone growing their own produce is almost unimaginable and would be so interesting to find out!

15′x15′ is the ideal measurement for a garden of this type however; people can use areas that are 6′ x 6′ if that is all the space that is available. People who live in condos or apartment communities can even consider growing things in containers which generally works great except when growing several specific items.

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Once established, an organic vegetable garden done correctly is easily maintained by nature with with very little help from the gardener. It becomes a self-sustainable enterprise that produces effortlessly year after year.

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