Window Boxes or Window Flower Boxes for Your Kitchen Garden

Window Boxes or Window Flower Boxes for Your Kitchen Garden

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We should eat green leafy veggies to stay healthy, which is not a problem. Where to get fresh vegetables is what concerns us. We can buy them in the market but for some people it would be fun to grow them in their garden. That is if you have a garden. The alternative would be to use window boxes near the kitchen. With the vegetables within reach, you can save a bucketful of money.

Kitchen gardening is a lot of fun. Most people would tell you that kitchen gardening will bring out your creativity. Remember that you will be merely using window boxes so this is not going to be a really big garden. You will probably grow herbs and some vegetables.

Growing your own greens in a kitchen garden can provide salad greens anytime. With the red tomatoes, the green scallions, freshly picked cucumber, and crispy lettuce straight from your window boxes, your dinner table will be very colorful and alluring. You do not have to worry about chemicals used by commercial farming. You should stay away from those harmful fertilizers.

It is easy to make a kitchen garden especially when you are using window boxes. Most houses already have window flower boxes. If you want to, you can use the existing window flower boxes and turn them into a small kitchen garden. Instead of flowers, you can use some herbs and other vegetables. Here is a brief guideline for your window flower boxes kitchen garden.

Find an adequate space for your garden and throw in a few good seeds, put organic fertilizer and maybe some kitchen waste, and water. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. Now that you have your own kitchen garden, you need to maintain it. You need to take good care of your plants. You do want to eat fresh vegetables, right? You also need to closely watch your window boxes, especially if you are using wood. But there is no need to worry if you are using the PVC window boxes.

There are actually some more things to think about when you start your kitchen garden aside from the seeds and fertilizer. You also need soil, window flower boxes, handy tools, and supports. You need to pick seeds for the kind of vegetables everybody in the family would love to eat. Otherwise, it will be such a waste of time and effort. It might not cost much but the long hours you have spent and the bending you have done will go unrewarded.

You might encounter some difficulties when you are gardening for the first time. Who would not? But making a kitchen garden using window boxes is one of the easiest forms of gardening. Besides who ever said that there are no such things as growing pains? You will learn a lot along the way and later on you will be able to make some improvements. You might even become an authority on kitchen gardening. Take this opportunity as a learning experience. You will learn patience, responsibility, about the insects, soil conditions, selecting the right plants, how the weather affects your garden, and a lot more. Just keep going just as you do with your window flower boxes. Now they are a beauty to behold. Just be diligent and your rewards will be bountiful.

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